Posted by: 黒い雪 | 02/25/10

Finally, Eiko get another release

I’m calling all Eiko Shimamiya fans out there. Shout out loud and say “I AM HAPPY” !!! YAYYY *bricked*

I mean it. According to Neowing a.k.a. CDJapan, the long lost and forgotten Eiko Shimamiya (a.k.a. Eiko-sensei) will have another mini album released on April 28, 2010 (EDIT: Sorry not 24. Thanks fred, I was sleepy when I posted this news -_-;;).

Although I’m not a big fan of her, I’m glad that Eiko-sensei finally gets her own release, even if it’s just a mini album. It’s been a long time since the last time she release anything worthwhile. All in good time, huh ?? :3



  1. Make that April 28. :D

    Yeah, right on that last line. I hope no more “repeat” songs on this one. Rearrangement or remix is fine w/ me though. XD

  2. O… out on my sisters birthday
    I like Eiko’s “traditional” sounding songs

  3. I Love EIKO SHIMAMIYA i EXCITEd! I liKED the IDEA”! wauuo! IM really cry of happy!!!!!!!!
    i loveeed EIKO SENSEI


    seriously though, Eiko was my first I’ve artist, so she has a special place in my heart <3 Cannot wait!! (I doubt there'll be any old songs in my opinion)

  5. OMG REALLY?! I’m so happy~! X//D
    Eiko Shimamiya is one of my all-time favorite singers and I loved all her newest singles from last year, so I already wondered when she would release something new this year =D
    Thanks a lot for the info~!!!

  6. I’m happy!!! YAY

    Well, Eiko-sensei isn’t my predilet but I love all the I’ves and I’m so happy with this mini-album *–*

  7. Good to see Eiko getting back on track, but on another note:


  8. Awesome news! :D I can’t wait to listen to it when it comes out. I wonder what it’ll sound like…

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