Posted by: 黒い雪 | 03/02/10

Mami Kawada’s LINKAGE got special page, tracklist revealed

Unlike the usual patterns of SPECIAL-PAGE-PUT-ON-GENEON’S-DOMAIN, this time Mami’s LINKAGE has special page on her own m.a.l.l. domain.

The special page featuring the tracklist for the album, as well as the previews. Still no credits revealed, though.

Here’s the tracklist:

  1. succession
  3. PSI-missing
  4. TOY
  5. 言葉、心の声 (read: Kotoba, Kokoro no Koe (Words, voice of the heart))
  6. Prophecy
  7. in answer
  8. masterpiece
  9. アウェアネス (read: Awareness)
  10. linkage
  11. 未来の粒 ~I’m formed~ (read: Mirai no Tsubu (Beads of Future ?))
  12. All in good time
  13. DREAMS

So far… it’s pretty promising album. Could it be better than SAVIA ?? Who knows…


On another note… DREAMS ?? WHAT ?! *jawdropped* Not sure if it’s the same song from SAVIA. It’s not in the preview either. Hmm…

EDIT part.2:

Thanks Sekka for notifying me, both cover for Limited edition and Regular edition of the album are now officially revealed, too.

LINKAGE Limited Edition

LINKAGE Regular Edition

Great. Now I love and hate the fact I preordered the regular version. =_=



  1. yuki, go change your pre-ordered copy with the LE now… ahahah…

    well, my personal preview favorite is “in answer”… why?? mmm.. cgmix??
    quite nice preview… let’s wait is the preview lies, or it is true… trance… xD

  2. …I like the Limited cover better than the Regular. That whole disintegrating sand effect doesn’t look…RIGHT….on the Regular.

    What’s in the Limited? Like, a DVD or something?

    Btw, SAVIA’s song is DREAM, so not sure if it’ll be the same or not. I find it hilarious yet a bit weird that she has two VERY similarly-named songs…

    • Limited edition means DVD. And I’ve DVD means PV only (or plus making).

  3. Awesssooome
    I like the limited edition cover better but both kewl kewl!!!
    Cant wait and yes I think it was, dream on SAVIA

  4. I love the pose she’s doing in the regular edition but that disintegration effect is just stupid. As if it didn’t already look photoshopped enough. The limited edition looks better now that the lighting is bluer and the weird frames are done away with.

    The previews sounded… quite mediocre to me (except TOY, succession and the title song), but, as Epsilon has taught, judging the songs at this point by those short clips is pretty useless.

    I also think it’s great LINKAGE has so many new songs – out of the 13 songs only three are repeated. I hope this trend will continue with the I’ve girls’ future albums. And here’s hoping LINKAGE will be great. Now why can’t it already be the end of March? :|

  5. See, the regular edition cover would better without that stupid photoshop disintegration effect. I can’t imagine anybody else in I’ve being able to pull this off, so hats off to Mami.

  6. So am I the only one who thinks nearly every track on this album (excluding the ones previously existing as singles) sounds overly manufactured? Nearly everything is auto-tuned to death, obfuscating the natural features inherent in Mami’s style, which is what always made her so attractive to me as a singer.

    I guess since epsilon no fune was so surprisingly strong, this has to make up for it, unfortunately… which is a shame, since Mami’s first two albums were both pretty superb.

  7. LINKAGE doesn’t sound that great. Not bad, but nothing exceptional.
    “LINKAGE” & “succession” are my favorites so far.

    Limited cover is way better than the regular one indeed ^_^

  8. I don’t know but for me the album sounded good… can’t wait for the full versions!!

    Yikes, I didn’t notice the disintegrating effects in the small version of the regular CD edition… The pose is great but the effects is a no-no. >_<

  9. I think I might be the only one that doesn’t like the pose in the regular edition. It’s probably the fist; reminds me too much of The Thinker XD

    • not really. I don’t like the cover for Regular Edition but It’s much SAFER for me to order it in case the Shitty CUSTOMS going to open it… =_=

      • How so? What would happen if customs opened it? :o

      • My unbeloved country is full of hypocrisy so they might think of the album as another thing… =_=

        Hope nothing happen :P

      • Gee…how….fun….

        Hopefully it won’t :D I mean, you’ve never heard of CD bombs at all.


  10. love it! previews seem promising :D

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