Posted by: 黒い雪 | 03/10/10

Mami and latest eroge tie-in

Thanks God, the blogs are currently so full of Mami-related news update.
Not that I mind, you know.

Mami Kawada will get another eroge tie-in by singing the theme song for the new product from WHITESOFT, Little Rabbits.

As lazy as I am, you can see the song details above. Or below:

Title: dilemma
Vocal & Lyrics: Mami Kawada
Composition: Tomoyuki Nakazawa
Arrangement: Tomoyuki Nakazawa & Takeshi Ozaki

By the way, there is also another smaller scale news that I’ve is going to do another eroge BGM, together with Isshiki Yui (一色由比). This time it’s for 「もっと姉、ちゃんとしようよっ!」 (Motto Ane, Chanto shiyouyou!) by CandySoft.

PS. Another LINKAGE-related news. According to Mami’s interview with, the so-called DREAMS a.k.a. track #13 in the album turns out to be a cover of a song from the Irish rock-band, The Cranberries. Here is the original Dreams by The Cranberries.


Short version of dilemma is now available, just click on the picture above.
My opinion ?? A trance version of JOINT. I’m impressed. :3



  1. Hmmm nice! I know Dreams, it’s a really soothing, soft song. I wonder what it will sound like with Mami’s voice…

  2. oh! what happened to initiative?

    • Since Koi to Senkyou to Chocolate hasn’t had release date… We’ll just need to wait patiently.

  3. I know the song! It’s so famous, frequently used in adverts. I didn’t even know it was called dreams or who it was sung by but i instantly recognised the tune.
    Mami covering this? I don’t know what to think. Can she really pull off such a ghostly-light song? And..more ENGRISH -_- unless she wrote japanese lyrics for it.

    • According to Kazuya Takase, Mami’s voice when she’s just joined I’ve resembled Dolores’s (vocalist of the Cranberries).

  4. Does any one elsethink she’s copying the ‘covers’ theme from KOTOKO’s, LITTLE BABY NOTHING cover.
    XD I live in Ireland and never heard of them :P (The Cranberrys).
    Congrats on your productive (so far) year…~!!! Mami~<3

    • Maybe you’re too young to know them. The Cranberries is pretty popular during 90s.

      and regarding DREAMS as the same idea as LITTLE BABY NOTHING… who knows what’s running in Kazuya Takase’s mind since he was the one who suggested it, according to Mami in her interview with

  5. I’m excited for DREAMS since I also like the song. :)

    @taokaTOKIin> well not really copying but maybe same concept. And DREAMS for me is a much more decent song than LITTLE BABY NOTHING.

    As for the Little Rabbits, it’s good to see Mami doing the theme songs (I thought it was going to be KOTOKO again) — or probably Kaorin if they gave her another chance. And about “Motto Ane, Chanto Shiyouyou!”, probably KOTOKO will do this one since she did the theme song for the first installment (remember “Nee, Shiyou yo!!”?).

    • It’s still unknown about who’s going to do the theme song for Motto Ane, so it’s still possible that the theme song is sung by singer outside I’ve.

      I’d like Kaorin, though. Seriously, what do they think of her ?? -_-a

    • KOTOKO’s english…engrish was horrible =_=; I could only understand it cuz I had the lyrics right there.
      I hope Mami’s english is better >__x; ( I do doubt it )

      @fred: yeah I guess its not like KOTOKO invented a cover song. I’d have like Mami to go for something new.

      Maybe well see an Eiko Shimamiya cover of some band on her new album x3

      her, album art PWNS the shizz outta KOTOKO’s NO OFFENCE =___=;
      KOTOKO 4 Motto Ane (does that mean ‘More Sister’ 8’O__ )

      @kuroi yuki: I’m young >P>

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