Posted by: 黒い雪 | 03/12/10

Mami Kawada got Twitter

Yeah. No kidding.

Her twitter is (I’ve followed her. XD~). It’s only from March 12, 2010 to April 18, 2010, though. I hope she will extend the period to FOREVER (or until she’s bored with it.) (=_=a)

Another update from LINKAGE special website, the special content is adding Web-TV for your pleasure.



  1. Cool 8) *runs off and follows her*

  2. hm….
    Is it real, the profile pic is from a single?

    Im imagining her sitting on the computer typing x{P

  3. You don’t have to worry because it’s really Mami on her twitter, sitting behind her laptop. LoL. She posted about it on her blog, too. So… There’s no doubt that it’s really Mami X3

    • Aaa… I see.
      Is our I’ve Utahime going to become a twitter hoe’? xD
      Im imagining her writing abut her day. lol (furiously hitting the keys)

      nice… 8’O_

      @Terrik: Yeah I had a feeling it was phopechy since its quite similar to the header on her.

      • Costume-wise, it’s from Prophecy, yeah.

        NOOO She’s still not into Tweeting Spree mode, lol.

        Besides, her twitter account is only for promoting LINKAGE. I don’t really hope she will post much about her daily life.

      • lmao.
        I dont what her to get consumed.

        to promote LINKAGE, I thought that at most -_-.

        It be nice to get something personal (if not small) could maybe make her more relate able. (Like…Mami the gamer girl >:F)

  4. taokaTOKiin: I have a feeling that the pic is a Prophecy promo, but I could be wrong.


    …Except it's in Japanese, which means two problems. A. I can't read it, B. Tweetdeck won't show the Japanese words. Sad…

  5. Of course it’s in Japanese *ugh*

    Why don’t you try echofon if you’re a firefox user? It shows Japanese characters perfectly.

    • I use Tweetdeck. It’s a non-browser application, and it’s quite handy. Except for reading non-English posts cuz it won’t show >(

      Kuroi Yuki/taokaTOKiin: At the moment she’s tweeting a lot :x

      • Yeah, I see that. Her tweets aside from promoting LINKAGE are mostly about her hard time in using Twitter lol.

      • shes tweeting about every hour :D
        i don’t know what shes saying though, i can’t read japanese =( tonight i began to wonder if she had put a little homemade face or if it was a word, i can’t tell.

  6. i REALLY rather her have a facebook fan page
    where she can promote things and blah blah than a silly twitter, i dont think that many of her fans will have twitter.

    • Facebook is not popular in Japan, while Twitter is currently used by many people in Japan.

  7. Would it be too much to request for a translation of her tweets?

    On another note, she has a Twitpic account as well now.

    • Is their a japanese version of the site, or is she actually reading the english?
      orr… translating it :3

    • google translator, although you know it’s no use.

      well, you can choose your language, you know. So she uses Japanese, I assume.

      • Aaaa thanks, I’ve a friend in school who’d asked if their was a japanese version so he could read it.
        He will appreciate it XD

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