Posted by: 黒い雪 | 03/13/10

Eiko and her Perfect World

No No No, it’s not as dramatic as you’re probably thinking of.

Eiko Shimamiya’s mini album has been entitled as Perfect World. Cool, huh ?? According to I’ve Sound Explorer, the mini album will have seven tracks.

So… 7 songs in a Perfect World. Am I expecting too much ?? Let’s just wait.



  1. Perfect World, It sound mhk.
    Im expecting another engrish cover this time X^P

    If there are 7 songs, I hope she’ll not use too much maxi’s on it, cuz then it’ll be like 2 new songs :/

  2. I can only think of game ‘Pefect World’ when I see the title ;D

  3. EXCITEEEEEEED!!!!!!!!!!!

    taokaTOKiin: Doubt there’ll be any maxis, since it’s only a mini-album

    • *cough* SPYGLASS *cough*

      • Based on HER mini-album releases :P

  4. If they do include songs from her singles, I hope it’s just WHEEL OF FORTUNE and Super scription.

    Looking forward to this one :)

    • @j4games: YES YES and YES :W

      @Terrik: Yeah, XD I agree, completely… but Super Scription of Data would be so good…
      If they arent including maxis then they could easily make it an album by adding them in :’Q__ _

      • Super Scription of Data and WHEEL OF FORTUNE will get album releases, I think. They’re part of the Higurashi franchise, which is pretty big in Japan I would think (….right? >.>;;….)

      • lf those two singles [chikai o,o?] are getting an album release the question is when? Dx Im hoping this EP is impressive ;J.
        About the higarashi francise, I guess typical ratings- judging by Eikos sales… id say meh… whereas animes like one peice’s, songs usually debut top 5. Higurashi pwns all the same O;.

      • (Seems like Chikai wasn’t spectacular enough XD)

        I have a feeling that it will be. Eiko has yet to fail me…….hopefully….

  5. I do not think the maxis so come to enjoy new songs. I think AIRI KIRISHIMA again returned to scale back its good debut seems to me that the first and most important is that their mini album EIKO out as soon as possible.
    I’m excited. Xd!

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