Posted by: 愛撫 | 03/15/10

Futa-Ane release date pushed back

To all the legions of Airi Kirishima fans awaiting the release of her eroge debut, it is with a heavy heart that I have to inform you that you will have to wait…

OK, can’t keep up the mock-seriousness any longer. BootUP! soft’s “boin” fetish game Futa-Ane (link very juicy and not at all safe for work) and its accompanying soundtrack have been pushed back to a new release date of April 30, and as such anyone waiting to hear a full version of new I’ve member Airi Kirishima’s “two HeaRt” and its multiple remixes will have to wait a bit longer. Unfortunate, perhaps, but at least the impending release of LINKAGE will be around to soften the blow. Soften it like only softcore pornography can.



  1. welcome back to the blog, partner :P

    Gosh, I can wait. =_=a

    • You’re not overeager to hear if there’s any more Eikotune in the full version? :P

      • Eikoloid, you mean ??

  2. =D finally we can see what I’ve’s newest member has got. i haven’t herd any of her work yet :(
    i can’t wait for linkage Mamis voice sounds so pretty in the preview :3

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