Posted by: 黒い雪 | 03/18/10

Mami Kawada’s LINKAGE credits revealed

6 days until the release date… Now it’s time for the album credits to be revealed.

Wave Music Japan revealed the album credits plus longer previews on LINKAGE product info. DREAMS preview is also available, by the way. Below is the album credits if you’re too lazy to go to that page. All lyrics except DREAMS are by Mami Kawada.

1. succession
Composition/Arrangement: Tomoyuki Nakazawa & Takeshi Ozaki

Composition: Tomoyuki Nakazawa
Arrangement: Tomoyuki Nakazawa & Takeshi Ozaki

3. PSI-missing
Composition: Tomoyuki Nakazawa
Arrangement: Tomoyuki Nakazawa & Takeshi Ozaki

4. TOY
Composition/Arrangement: Maiko Iuchi

5. 言葉、心の声 (read: Kotoba, Kokoro no Koe)
Composition: Kazuya Takase
Arrangement: Mai Nakazaki

6. Prophecy
Composition: Tomoyuki Nakazawa
Arrangement: Tomoyuki Nakazawa & Takeshi Ozaki

7. in answer
Composition/Arrangement: C.G mix

8. masterpiece
Composition/Arrangement: Maiko Iuchi

9. アウェアネス (read: Awareness)
Composition/Arrangement: Kazuya Takase

10. linkage
Composition: Tomoyuki Nakazawa
Arrangement: Tomoyuki Nakazawa & Takeshi Ozaki

11. 未来の粒 ~I’m formed~ (read: Mirai no Tsubu ~I’m formed~)
Composition/Arrangement: Maiko Iuchi

12. All in good time
Composition: Tomoyuki Nakazawa
Arrangement: Tomoyuki Nakazawa & Takeshi Ozaki

While no credits available for DREAMS aside from the original credits, Kazuya Takase is most probably the one behind the arrangement.

There is one suspicious name emerged on the credits: Mai Nakazaki. This suspicious name seems like an abbreviation of “Maiko (Iuchi), (Tomoyuki) Nakazawa and (Takeshi) Ozaki“, just like TAKANAKAZAKI for “Takase, Nakazawa and Ozaki in SAVIA‘s intron tone.

Thanks to our fellow ex-contributor Hikaruhoshi for finding this info.



  1. can’t wait =)

  2. this album sounds really REALLY promising. ABOUT DAMN TIME I’VE!!

  3. can’t wait neither ._.
    succession & linkage look so damn good…

  4. Why do I feel that I care more on how will they sound like more than who’s gonna compose/arrange which song. This is the first time in a while that this has happened to me.

    Or maybe it’s the fact the lineup has only minimally changed from SAVIA >_>

    • I think It’s because C.G mix only has one song ?? :P


  5. they should have included Dilemma on Linkage, Such awesomeness of a song.

  6. hahahaha succession is a short opening and DREAMS is a cover of The Cranberries song….this is somewhat lulzy to me XD


  8. About time ~


  9. The Dreams cover sounds quite lolzy.
    HOWEVER, her English singing skills are far superior to anyone else in I’ve.

    A nice album indeed :D CLIMAX ftw.

  10. OMG i love it :D so linkage has FINALLY been leaked ive waited so so long :3 its awesome

  11. *Do not want to spoil myself* *restraint required* *do not want to spoil myself* *HMV come on and ship the Album already* Seriously, I’ve never been as hot over an I’ve Uta Hime Album as it’s the case with Linkage for so many reasons…”Dreams” alone is the utmost freaking genius idea of I’ve cover version ever (and I’m not saying this because I really enjoyed Cranberries music back in the days but Kawada’s voice should lend itself so perfectly smooth to render the essence of Dolores O’Riordan’s).
    Did I already mention that I want the damn Album *n-o-w*?

    And on a somewhat related note I’m still unsure whether to curse myself or I’ve Sound management on that I booked my Japan trip this year for August…which is not only painful five months to go but also not in time for Kawada’s Linkage touring >_<

  12. *send azn magic to rush littleharlock’s copy*

    Can’t wait to see aibublog’s review of the album :D

    • ive herd the whole album.
      i wasn’t dissapointed either

  13. o hai thar, aibu review wehr? ;__;

    • he said he’s preparing it ATM *drinks tea with BEYATORICHE*

      • (i know it’s way off topic but) I can’t believe you were invited to her tea party :))

    • review coming when I get off my lazy ass and write one.

  14. oohh goody, i like reveiws but wikipeadia has some _ _ _ _ ones of movies :(

    oh wait am i alowed to swear here? prob not i shall remove my swear word :3 removed.

    anyway im excited to read the review i hope whoever writes it likes it as much as i do it has a lovely flow with it :)

    • Profanity is allowed, and in some ways encouraged.

  15. Alternate covers (FP Bonus):

    • Are these covers being used?
      Or… aare they just like unused versions?

      • First press slipcovers, I think.

  16. I dont like the anime ones :\

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