Posted by: 黒い雪 | 04/13/10

Eiko-sensei and Twitter trend

Here it is. New trend in I’ve Sound. Each new release gets its special website to promote it. Up to now is Mami Kawada‘s LINKAGE and Eiko Shimamiya‘s Perfect World. And even more now, TWITTER. Mami started the trend of using twitter (@mamikawada) and now Eiko-sensei is following the trend, too. Greet her at @eikoshimamiya. I’m not sure if Eiko-sensei will tweet as often as Mami since she doesn’t look like that type… at least her old blog showed so.

Great. If this is really their new trend, we’ll just need to wait before KOTOKO, Kaori Utatsuki and MELL make twitter account for themselves.





  3. The I’ve girls are so…secretive? well, its hard to find out alot about them as people, their likes, dislikes etc so i like it when they use twitter =D makes them seem more …real? xD

  4. xD Mami is finally following someone lmao!!!
    Maybe Eiko will actually speak to me :P
    I also must say, that Eiko’s avatar on it is sooooo…. pretty!!!
    KOTOKO x MELL x Kaorin- To bad Epsilon didn’t have the TWITTER treatment

  5. I want an Outer twitter.

    • Outer ?? You mean Takase and Nakazawa, didn’t you?? -_-a

  6. I want KOTOKO to have twitter.

    • just wait until she release something…. or decide to create one on her own accord.

  7. i was stalking twitter one night and relised that both Mami & Eiko had both last tweeted exactly 12 hours ago (this was last week i noticed this not today) then i kinda wonderd if the ive guys are force feeding them to tweet =D that would be awesome
    i hope the rest get accounts soon =)

    • I think they were having some sort of Party after LINKAGE promotion was over… And for some reason I think Mami is currently under hang over because she hasn’t tweeted anything at all for today XDDD;; while Eiko’s last tweet was 2 hours ago.

      • Plus she keeps linking a picture of beer xP

    • XD Owo I’ve HQ must be awesome craic

  8. Question. I remember when Mami’s twitter surfaced that someone mentioned it was only for the duration of LINKAGE (…or something like that?) You think she’ll keep it afterwards? (Same for Eiko, cuz I’m assuming it’s the same with Perfect World)

  9. ..I give up
    EIKO doesnt want to talk
    I get the hint…


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