Posted by: 黒い雪 | 04/22/10

Short Circuit III is coming

Is it really coming? Well, at least, the banner on the Japanese Official site of I’ve said so.

“2010-06-25. Short Circuit III. Coming Soon.”

So… Our wishes come true ?? Can’t wait. The long-awaited third installment of Short Circuit. I wonder what denpa songs are going to make it into the tracklist.

Anyway, there are also trivial updates, like:

Like I said, trivial. Right ??



  1. CANT WAITTTT! short circuit 2 was pretty good
    fav track was double harmonize shock

  2. DO WANT! Great to see another Short Circuit is in the making, it’s been too long since the last one came out.

  3. LOL sprites Mami is so much better than pajamasofts KOTOKO IMO
    ISN’T SHORT CIRCUIT the brainchild of those KOTOKO PV’s SHORT CIRCUIT & Thaaa legendary Sakuranbo Kiss *U*- Will there be new PV’s 8D???
    Who do suspect will be on it? Was MELL or Eiko ever on the predecessors?

    • we’ll just wait until they release the tracklist, then we can guess what may have PV.

      • LOL So many questions. Didn’t the previous installments have PV’s

  4. This is too good to be true :D
    I can’t wait!

  5. Mami has tweeted(today) that offical LINKAGE web shall close in 30 days =(

  6. JESUS

    (I called it, they fucking listened)

    • Nobody listens to you, ever.

  7. Nobody listens to you, ever. (2)

    • Who are you directing that towards? The voices in your head?

      • obviously aibu. :P

      • Well y’all can kiss my ass because ‘most everybody here listens to me. Always. :3

      • -blushblushblush- O you Aibu.

  8. all of eiko’s new albums songs are up on youtube btw

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