Posted by: 黒い雪 | 05/06/10

MELL loves USA, doesn’t she…

MELL surely loves USA because she is going to appear in Anime Expo 2010, together with AKB48 and other artists.

MELL… please release anything before you appear in Anime Expo :O



  1. She loves the north east and west sides of the US lol

    MELL, please come down to the south one time..! ;_;

    • Doesn’t everyone…*sigh*

      Not my FAVOURITE (Eiko and Mami ate my hearts), but she is pretty good. Yay her :D

  2. Im stuck in ireland -_-
    MELL x AKB48 ( Ow o)
    Im still wondering how they’ll fit AKB48 on the stage…
    MELL better release something… or Imma be all… o no she didnttt….

  3. it’s been a while sence she did =(
    how many years??

    • her latest realease was RIDEBACK on March 4, 2009 ??

  4. Also i’d like her …..and the rest of i’ve girls to get twitter =33
    KOTOKO hopefully may soon get one but prob won’t cos me writing this is prob just changing the future forever (it can happen <.<)

  5. MELL has released “something” before going to Anime Expo this year: Noblest Love O_O

    (or that’s not what you meant~)

    • Something… MAJOR.


  6. Wow, now MELL too, huh?

    FRICK I WANNA GO. AKB48 ;__;

    they don’t bring all 48 girls there. They pick about 10-14 girls to go, and it will be a mix of senbatsu(aka the frontgirls) and undergirls.
    In fact they’ve done it at NY’s anime festival too.

    • Theres 48 girls in AKB48 ?
      OMG D=
      all on stage would have been interesting…..

      • LOL, yes. It is a lot, but shouldnt be surprising. What else do you think the “48” stands for?
        That’s why they split the girls for different songs’ PVs(of course the most popular ones will get to be in the main song PV).

        If you include the AKB48 Research Students/Trainees(which are not yet full members), there are 63.

        If you count the whole AKB franchise (AKB48, SKE48, SDN48) w/o Research Students, there are 99 members.

        @taoka: yes, RIVER is awesome :D

      • =O omg i never realised i never rly listend to them >< i meant to but O iduno the list of ppl i mean to listen to grows everyday


      • Why?


      • LOL
        tht i so wanna see =333

    • Yeah I knew they had like research group…theatre group etc…
      But Im not a big fan…
      I just like ‘RIVER’

  7. I thought our spotlight should go to MELL instead ?? -_-a

    • That’s the point, it seems that everything is just a joke…

      • I cant get to the US :P Stuck in Ireland were nuthin’ happens…nuthin’
        I can’t be excited until she acctualy releases something…

        P.S anyone know if KOTOKO’s new single will be non-I’ve like the Ao Iconoclast/PIGEON-the green ey’d monster maxi?

  8. Answering taokaTOKIin’s question:

    since she’s already using KOTOKO and the theme song will be composed and arranged by C.G mix, then it should be I’ve right?

  9. MELL is by far my favorite! I can’t believe she only has one solo album, and everyone keeps getting much more attention than her. :(

  10. […] for God sake. lol. Why?? As for the DVD, pretty sure that that activity report is a documentary of MELL in Anime Expo 2010. What else could it […]

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