Posted by: 愛撫 | 05/18/10

SHORT CIRCUIT III tracklist? Oh my god, it’s the SHORT CIRCUIT III tracklist!

Most of you have probably already seen this (if not through the forums, perhaps through I’ve Sound Blog affiliates La clef or Denpa no Sekai), but for those of you who have been kept in the dark, let there be light:

  1. blossomdays (Vo. KOTOKO)
  2. Raspberry (Vo. KOTOKO)
  3. Crash Course ~Koi no Tokubetsu Lesson~ (Vo. KOTOKO to Utatsuki Kaori)
  4. Love is money!? (Vo. Utatsuki Kaori)
  5. I need magic ~Tokenai Maji Kyun~ (Vo. KOTOKO)
  6. O*ma*ma*go*to (Vo. KOTOKO)
  7. Stars Biscuit (Vo. KOTOKO)
  8. Swift Love ~Kenzen Danshi ni Mono Mousu~ (Vo. KOTOKO)
  9. Jet Smash! (Vo. Utatsuki Kaori)
  10. lilies line (Vo. KOTOKO)
  11. Yumemiboshi boom! boom! (Vo. KOTOKO)
  12. Shoushiki! Butler Koushinkyoku (Vo. KOTOKO)
  13. Send-off ~Namidairo no Start Line~ (Vo. Larval Stage Planning)
  14. Hoshizora Interceptor (Vo. KOTOKO to Utatsuki Kaori)

New songs’ titles have been bolded (with Send-off being the theme for upcoming eroge Kisaragi Gold Star), and let the speculation as to what the hell ‘Larval Stage Planning’ is begin!



  1. Yes, Sumimasen Boss. =_=;;

    Larval Stage Planning. Don’t tell me it’s new I’ve special unit :O

  2. i only know 1 song (Blossomdays) =/

  3. If there’s one album that shows how far off the mark Maiko Iuchi is from I’ve, let this be the one.

    (Not like her work in Ar Tonelico 3 didn’t stand out like a sore thumb, either.)

  4. Lack of Kaori is fail, though I guess she hasn’t really sung anything lately, so it’s not too surprising. I was expecting more duets though.

  5. It’s not that surprising that Kaori has a lack of solo songs there. It has been that way since the first Short Circuit. Only two songs of hers get featured in every Short Circuit.

    As for Larval Stage Planning, I guess it’s composed of KOTO-chan, Kaorin, and Airi (or a guest vocalist). This would be my best guess ^_^

    • We can’t deny the possibilities of Kaorin x Airi x IKU too :P

    • O… like Twinkle
      I liked that song XD

      I doubt that it is new ‘Love Planet Five’+Airi :\

  6. […] for Kisaragi GOLD★STAR (again) Remember the so-called Larval Stage Planning which make it into SHORT CIRCUIT III […]

  7. […] Oh, it’s EXTRACT’s album cover!! Okay I’m just copying Aibu’s craziness. […]

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