Posted by: 愛撫 | 05/27/10

Currently-useless SHORT CIRCUIT III page up, might get interesting someday

Whoomp, there it is! SHORT CIRCUIT III website, mostly bereft of anything anybody would possibly be curious about. It’s pretty ugly, for sure, but the previous album had a nice crossfade sample available prior to its release so it only stands to reason we’ll be seeing something like that soon. Also, seeing as Eiko and Mami got twitter accounts around the same time that ‘special sites’ for their then-upcoming albums went live, perhaps this means that everyone’s favourite dopey denpa dolls are next to fall victim to twitter’s impossibly sexy 140-character siren song? Only God knows. Well, God, Takase, KOTOKO and Kaori, I suppose.

And maybe Nakazawa’s in on it, he seems pretty clued-in.

Update: The page now contains streaming preview versions of all the songs except for the new ones. You can listen to them and pretend like they’re new again!



  1. KOTOKO might get her twitter sooner than we know. While Kaorin… I can only pray for that. :3

    Who knows if Takase and Nakazawa will also make twitter accounts for themselves :P

    • I wonder who the hell would follow Takase and Nakazawa?

      • I would. Plus a lot of other true I’ve freaks.

      • I’d totally follow Takase. The other thing interesting about Japanese Twitter is that I hardly ever run into the 140 character limit, whereas I ram into it repeatedly while trying to post in English.

      • Same english sucks cos i never get all my words in & then have no choice but to type like a tard >_< japanese ftw

      • I would. Because I love stalking♡

    • i would.
      I wouldn’t say i’m an I’ve freak yet, tbh i’ve only known they existed about….. 9 /10 months ? i guess thats near a year… so not very long (V_V)
      i do love them tho, i might not show it but i love them <3

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