Posted by: 愛撫 | 05/30/10

KOTOKO drops acid, designs new DVD cover

What the hell is going on here? Coming off a string of tasteful and not at all terrible covers for her live releases, KOTOKO’s Live in Budokan 2010 DVD cover takes a clichéd Alice in Wonderland motif and runs with it until it manages to make it look like something CBBC might show at 3 AM if the producers happened to be on particularly strong drugs that season. It’s only a small image right now, but its full-size horror is likely soon to come.

I think I’ve seen that font on a Cirque du Soleil poster. Is that really what I’ve is going for these days?



  1. Alice in Wonderland !!!! …or not. Meh. I can’t even see KOTOKO in that cover so… seriously… I’ve, FIRE YOUR COVER DESIGNERRRRR !!!

    • I don’t know why, but I have this weird feeling that KOTO-chan designed the cover. Seriously.

      • >__< i hope not. Nahh i think KOTOKO would have better taste than that with all those awesome outfits she designs etc.

  2. At first I thought you might be exaggerating a bit about the awfulness of the cover, but then I actually took a look at it and God, I never want to see that thing again. Ugh. They REALLY should fire the cover designer. I’m sorry I ever doubted your statement.

    (Btw, will we ever see an end-of-the-year review of 2009? I understand if it’s too late or you have some other reason, I’d just love to see one because the 2007 and 2008 reviews are great. And sorry if I’m asking this in an inappropriate place, just didn’t know where else to post.)

    • There were originally plans for one, but then my computer broke and things got all screwy and by the time everything got back to relatively-normal it seemed too late for a 2009 year in review. However, if more people ask for one, I’m sure Yuki and I can throw something together.

  3. *asks for 2009 review* x3

    Umm….o-dear…that cover is…hideous…atleast if you buy it you get a special offer on her new song but..NO…just NO..
    I’d rather have a heavily airbrush KOTOKO than…THAT D:<

    • You know, I think it’s more important what’s inside because even if a release of any artist has a great cover it means nothing without a good content.
      But don’t get me wrong, the dvd cover sucks but what can I do, I want to have and finally watch that concert so I’m gonna get it anyway.

      And about 2009 Aibu review, well he (or she, it, whatever) kind of disappointed me with the “review” of SCREW that he made because he was clearly affected for the quantity of KOTOKO’s fanboy comments and for same the usual sarcasm ended destroying an opinion that, for me, was very important.

      But, you know, I’m more interested in the “Bads” of this 2010 in a future review because there’s a lot for you to use if we think about what we have (or we haven’t) so far during this year (LINKAGE, Perfect World, KOTOKO’s dvd cover, etc.).

      As I said many times already… MELL! Please, you’ve got to save the year!

      • i really want MELL to realise something before 2011.
        ever sence i became a fanboy she hasn’t realised anything, at all. (V_V)

      • It can work vice-versa… -.- a title can have an amazing cover and horrible content… :P

        2010 isnt even half way through :3
        What’s your favorite so far, anyway?
        although the preview of KOTOKO’s new song is nice.

  4. I thought you were just showing a very strong one sided opinion about the cover, then i read the comments, and Then i looked.


    Alice in wonderland?! i agree but i was thinking Wizard of Oz…..from the 40’s………or 20’s………anyhoot its hideious.
    the colour
    the graphics
    the title


    • I just noticed as well….

      Cirque du Soleil.

      I’m quite shocked because I always have this impression that aibu comes from somewhere in Asia.

      Oh yeah, horrible cover. Like seriously. >.>
      The only bright spot about this is that we get to read aibu’s hilarious commentary.

      • There’s always the chance that some of these references are thrown in with the sole purpose of screwing with people’s idea of who I am and where I come from.

      • @Aibu
        true true but how could you know the name, google? yes… but BBC isnt shown anywere else, except for BBC world but it doesnt show CBBC right? so how could you know they have retarded presenters, if you lived outside britian, unless you had a holiday spent watching kids tv D= well thank goodness you survived it. you gotta be more careful honey xD

      • i know who is Aibu….LOL My Cribs are in the land of the queen….

  5. The cover is……… absurd. I can’t get over the absurdity of the cover, it’s so…. ughhh :((

    Cover failure, U make ai dream-style :D

    • naaa The U make Ai Dream cover was cute…the contents of that single was… >_> painful

  6. I feel like I’m looking at The Beatles’ “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” CD cover. Unfortunately, this cover is much less appealing…

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