Posted by: 愛撫 | 05/31/10

Eiko Shimamiya diagnosed with thyroid cancer

Well, absolutely nothing funny about this one. Fresh from her twitter feed, we now find out that Eiko Shimamiya, the vocal trainer who brought KOTOKO, Mami Kawada and Kaori Utatsuki into I’ve, and beloved “older sister” of the group had been diagnosed with thyroid cancer on May 10th.

Thyroid cancer is treatable, be it through surgery or radiation therapy, and has quite high survival rates, amongst cancers. According to one source, 95% of all diagnosed patients find themselves ‘cured’ of the disease, but statistics aside, this is still a distressing development.

Eiko’s “Perfect World Live Tour”, originally scheduled to begin later this month, has, appropriately, been cancelled, with a video message from Shimamiya made available on the tour’s website. Further news on this will be reported as it comes to light.



  1. Hope she recover quickly T-T

  2. Thyroid cancer can be a serious danger for people who make their living off their voice. Roger Ebert was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and after surgery they said his voice was slightly altered. He later lost his voice entirely when they had to perform a tracheotomy. Just saying while Thyroid cancer is one of the more operable types, she could come out of this sans her wonderful voice. Lets pray she makes a full recovery.

  3. Send your support messages through ISN at !

    • Can I send it in english?

      • I sent one oin English and there was no problem, but do they understand what I wrote? I think at least someone will, but that’s a whole different matter anyway. But nothing’s stopping you from sending her a get-well message in English.

  4. I have suffered this desease too, and I can guarantee that she will recover soon. Not all the people operated of Thyroid cancer have the voice altered. That depends on how soon has the disease been discovered, and in this case, seems that has been detected in time.

    • Didn’t knew that I’ver boy, I’m a nurse and I know how hard any cancer could be but when early find out it’s always better to heal up.

      My regards for you and of course, for my beloved Eiko.

  5. That is terrible :( I really hope that Eiko recovers fully from her cancer. This must be such a shock to the people at I’ve as well, and I hope they’re alright. My thoughts and prayers go to Eiko.

  6. omg (v_v) i hope she’ll be okay and make a full recovery. Cancer is such a bitch of a thing.

  7. Ouch…I was actually listening to Perfect World earlier today and now I come home to read this. What a terrible thing to happen to a respectable and talented artist. Here’s to a speedy and full recovery (for a lack of anything better to say at the moment).

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