Posted by: 愛撫 | 06/01/10

B-side to KOTOKO’s 15th single announced, has weird title

And the title is, coming as a surprise to absolutely everyone, “Digital Snail.” Perhaps this has some connection with the “space bee” from the lyrics to Epsilon? We don’t yet know who will be arranging or composing the ridiculously-titled song, but seeing as KOTOKO has mentioned composition in her blog recently there is a chance it might be one of the singer’s own.

The single containing this one, Hekira no Sora e Izanae do (碧羅の天へ誘えど), is due out on July 7th of this year on Geneon Universal.



  1. Digital Snail. . . . . . . . i gotta feeling this is gonna be a quirky song, and a little bit random.

  2. Digital Snail. lol. As usual, weird… random title from KOTOKO.

  3. I thinks its going to be super-techno

    • @taokaTOKiin

      i quite like extremly techno to the climax type songs from i’ve. lets hope this is a good one.

    • … Or then it might be electric universe all over again: the weird-ass title makes us expect something nice and trancey and instead we get whatever the hell electric universe was.

      • electric universe came to mind too….but like electric universe wass…amazing, so atmostpheric *O*

        but like….
        “snail” says it all..

        *jynxs it*
        Itll turn out like one of those abysmall B-sides we’ve had E.E;

  4. Can’t wait to see album art on this one :3

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