Posted by: 黒い雪 | 06/05/10

Larval Stage Planning for Kisaragi GOLD★STAR

Remember the so-called Larval Stage Planning which make it into SHORT CIRCUIT III ??

Larval Stage Planning is going to sing the theme song for SAGAPLANETS‘s upcoming eroge キサラギGOLD★STAR , entitled Rolling Star☆彡. Neither composer nor arranger has been revealed for now, but looking at another song by Larval Stage Planning, entitled Send-off ~涙色のスタートライン~ (Send-off ~Namidairo no Start Line~), we might have more Kazuya Takase x C.G mix x KOTOKO here.

Let’s speculate about this Larval Stage Planning again. Outer + Mix ?? OMG.



  1. Sounds awesome!!!

    Who will be vocalist….ohhh..?

    • Hmm… Lets see… KOTOKO x Mami Kawada ??
      Since they did record or at least do a photo session together last week. :P

      • Sqwee
        KOTOKO is musicaly busy lately go her~!!!

      • What song are you talking about- Rolling Star☆彡 or Send-off ~Namidairo no Start Line~

        What’s the point in doing a photoshoot for an eroge single ,(-w-),

      • @Taoka, “you” mean me ??

      • @ 黒い雪
        obv they don’t mean me, so yeah its you.

        u gotta point, mostly for those they wouldn’t have photoshoots & if covers existed then its from the movie/anime/game etc.
        Soo they were recording then :DD

      • Yes I mean “you.” :)

      • oh ic. the main point of this post is Rolling Star☆彡, of course. Or I’m not allowed to mention Send-off ?? :3

      • No no no…sorry you misinterpert me.
        I was unsure which song you were talking about
        ‘Hmm… Lets see… KOTOKO x Mami Kawada ??
        Since they did record or at least do a photo session together last week. :P’

        Are you guessing that its KOTOKO x Kawada Mami or has it actually been confirmed?

  2. just some wild guess.. Though we can’t put aside the most random possibility of having IKU, Kaorin and Airi-chan in a group :p

    • Or perhaps Larval Stage Planning is the all-arranger vocal group nobody wanted? Takase and Nakazawa duet! :P

      • someone commented on one of my youtube vids (little baby nothing…) & they said they wanted another duet from Takase & KOTOKO but this time in Jap. They liked his voice. anyhoot i think i’d prefare a jap duet too. he can remind me of Hizumi from d’espairsRay, very good at engrish. <- personal opinion tht his english wasn't the best.

        ino this has nothing to do with this but just saying.

      • LOL. It should be Takase+Nakazawa+Iuchi+Mix then. Golden Combi of I’ve creator YAY !!! *bricked*

    • @Kuroi Yuki: Aaaaa NOOOO…just NO…. I dislike ALL IKU songs -.-;) I dont mind Kaorin x Airi :2
      but naa…KOTOKO’ll be in there somewhere…

      @Aibu EVEN MORE NOOO….. xD

      • I love IKU’s songs now. :P

        Well there are a lot possibilities here, most possible is of course KOTOKO+KAORIN+AIRI or even KaorinxAiri. Because… well circumstances make you have to put Eiko-sensei out of the possibility (._.a)

  3. […] remember that Larval Stage Planning is going to sing the theme song of キサラギGOLD★STAR ?? according to RSK blog on this blog post,  the producer for Rolling Star☆彡 will be no other […]

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