Posted by: 黒い雪 | 06/08/10

And Larval Stage Planning is…

an entirely new unit consisting new girls led by Airi Kirishima. They even set up a special web for Larval Stage Planning !!

So, who are these new girls aside from Airi-chan ?? They are 舞崎なみ (or Nami Maisaki) and 朝見琳 (or Rin Asami). Whether they are new addition to I’ve rooster or just one-time unit, we’ll see in the future.

In addition to this announcement, the new unit will also make the on-stage debut on SHORT CIRCUIT III PREMIUM SHOW. Finally, we get to see how Airi Kirishima looks like. Nobody really cares, I bet.



  1. Name still sucks, but I’ll keep an open mind for now.

    • This. I can’t get over the ridiculousness of the name. :p

      • How ’bout calling it just ‘LSP’ to make it sound cooler ?? :P

      • @ur aibu right? or maybe your erm yuki(?)
        good idea but you may get ppl asking what LSP stands for…
        odd name i do agree tho

      • That would be Yuki you were replying to. I’m Aibu.

      • i thought so, i can’t read japanese so i must double check at times like that.

      • @ebitchslapbla: If your browser doesnt support Asian characters, my nickname (Kuroi Yuki) will appear as 3 beautiful squares *bricked* and Aibu will appear as 2 squares.

  2. Am I the only one who likes the name XD

    I hope Airi is hot.
    It would be awesome if these new girls were permanent!

    • i like the fact its random, random is good

    • Well, it’s certainly not as if Low Trance Assembly or OUTER sound much philosophical either, so I’m fine with Larval Stage Planning..although the concept behind a newly born Unit could certainly be expressed with some other word which doesn’t remind me of insects everytime I read or hear about them.
      Anyways after the Shimamiya incident this certainly is a far brighter piece of news although let’s see how long I’ve will keep them alive..if we’ve learned one thing from I’ve history thus far it’s that Special Units have are endangered to be short-lived experiments (Love Planet Five, Healing Leaf, the former Special Unit..heck, merely OUTER shows signs of existance sporadically)

      • Not forgetting ‘Twinkle’ :P

  3. […] being involved in Larval Stage Planning, Airi-chan is getting even more spotlight. She’s going to perform the ED theme song for […]

  4. […] Nami Maisaki gets her solo debut If the name above didn’t ring  your bell, I’d have you to read this article about Larval Stage Planning. […]

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