Posted by: 黒い雪 | 06/11/10

More for Airi Kirishima

Fans of Airi Kirishima, be glad!

After being involved in Larval Stage Planning, Airi-chan is getting even more spotlight. She’s going to perform the ED theme song for Candysofts latest eroge Motto Nee, Chanto Shiyou yo!, along with KOTOKO‘s Crystal Moment.

Title: 絆 ~endless days~ (Kizuna ~endless days~)
Vocal: Airi Kirishima
Lyrics: KOTOKO
Composition/Arrangement: Maiko Iuchi

Oh well. I won’t complain for having Maiko as the producer. It’s been a long time since we have her after all. Maiko~~ XD~ *bricked*



  1. I just hope it’ll be as good as two HeaRt and Crystal Moment.

  2. Of course you won’t complain about Maiko doing the composing. You’re like, her biggest fan XDD

    Wow, I never expected for Airi to handle another track immediately after her debut song. I hope she gets the Geneon treatment soon like the other girls ^_^

  3. it seems to me that Airi-chan will be on denpa section, seeing her being in LSP and the upcoming SHORT CIRCUIT live. kinda unexpected since I believe she can do something different.

    • YEAH!?
      Her voice seemed kinda deep…compared to the other denpa ones.

      • that’s why I said kinda unexpected to see her in denpa-related LSP. and her future seems to be going on a denpa path -_-;;

    • That sucks :Z
      I think she would be better for more spectacular strong vocal music….. :’|
      I hope her official debut single isnt like ‘Shining stars bless☆’

      I was thinking more ‘Eiko-theme’ music…..but obviously not completely ripping Eiko out….well as long as Airi herself is happy with that :X

  4. I’ts just incredible. It’s the second solo track she sings in less than a year!!!. It seems that she’s going to have a very quickly rise inside I’ve. I’m very happy about this, because I knew she had a huge potential.

  5. Part of me wishes Kaori had this sort of treatment when she debuted :p If Airi ends up having a better career than Kaorin I am going to bite someone’s head off.

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