Posted by: 黒い雪 | 06/23/10

Rolling star credits revealed, more Twitter users

Okay. I’m lazy as f**k and I’m sleepy because it’s already 4AM here as I type this. Stayed awake for the World Cup match. Haha. *bricked*

First, remember that Larval Stage Planning is going to sing the theme song of キサラギGOLD★STAR ?? according to RSK blog on this blog post,  the producer for Rolling Star☆彡 will be no other than Aibu’s fav… I mean MY favorite I’ve creator, Maiko Iuchi. WOO-HOO!! So, the credits will be like this:

Title: Rolling Star☆彡
Vocal: Larval Stage Planning
Lyrics: KOTOKO
Composition/Arrangement: Maiko Iuchi

Aibu, stop staring at me for that joke. OKAY, move on to the trivial news.

I’ve Sound creates even more Twitter users after Mami Kawada and Eiko Shimamiya. Let’s introduce the man behind I’ve aside from Kazuya Takase, YASUTAKA IPPOSHI AT TWITTER. The other twitter user is… IVE BUS. Yes, it’s not your or my eyes which has gone wrong. It’s seriously IVEBUS. It’s actually established for the sake of SHORT CIRCUIT III, so… oh man I can’t even make the lamest joke about a bus which can tweet. So… FOLLOW THEM IF YOU LIKE. *falls asleep*



  1. nothing to do with the post but you can hear Red Fraction IO drive mix here

  2. IVEBUS is the tourbus for SCIII. According to I’ve Sound Explorer’s site admin, the person behind IVEBUS would be an “interesting revelation”, to say the least.

  3. I’VEBUS

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