Posted by: 黒い雪 | 06/25/10

KOTOKO’s Hekira cover revealed

Both Amazon Japan and CDJapan has released the cover for KOTOKO‘s upcoming single, 碧羅の天へ誘えど  (Hekira no Sora e Izanae do), which is the theme song for BLAZBLUE CONTINUUM SHIFT.

Is it just me or this style of KOTOKO is similar to Mami’s recent style ?? =_=a

On a rather unconfirmed news, the B-side track for this single, Digital Snail, is probably produced by someone outside I’ve Sound called Kenji Arai.

I’ve Sound starting new revolution ??



  1. looks interesting but tbh it reminds me of something ive seen before…i cant remember what…but as u say it could be Mami, it could be snIpe, idunno =_= could have even been a dream !!!

    her hands look odd >_<

  2. Yes, I agree that she looks like Mami Kawada. In fact, the cover of this single is similar to the cover of Prophecy.

  3. Lolz, it’s actually a combination of snIpe and Prophecy XD

  4. I think they need a new graphic designer. It looks terrible.

    • reminds me of what someone could do whilst experementing with photoshop

  5. wow, definitely, mami+snipe
    its not that bad actually

    revolution? maybe
    since they DID depart to the future
    back in 2009.

  6. They should really start to do alternate CD+DVD covers for their singles…like almost EVERYONE else is doing….(irregardless of how well they are doing)-Re-Sublimity being the only exception(?)

  7. don’t like the cover. It’s not so KOTOKO. Plus the song is not too impressive for me. (—_—)’ I hope the coupling song will rescue the single.

  8. I don’t know… As for me, I like the cover, except for KOTOKO’s hand which really looks weird :)

  9. This looks incredibly cheap and bad. >_<

  10. About SC3:
    LSP sucks
    Interceptor fucking rules
    rest is pure gold.

  11. Compared to some of the vomit-inducing or vomit-like covers she’s had in the past, this one looks pretty good.

  12. Actually her outfit reminds me of her outfit in Re-sublimity PV (remember the black one lol, not the white one).

    And yeah, it’s actually pretty nice cover, aside from the fact that I’ve covers mostly have greenish theme lately.

    • its been noticed that KOTOKO must seem to like green.

      • No. She likes PINK. and that’s obvious. :D

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