Posted by: 黒い雪 | 07/27/10

Bunch of I’ve news updates

First of all, I’m totally sorry. A bit too busy with other things aside from I’ve Sound. *cough*Kalafina*cough* *bricked*

Now to the news update.

KOTOKO is going to appear in Girl’s Wonder Land 2010, an event held by three nine entertainment, together with Chiaki Ishikawa. Wow, with Chiaki Ishikawa. I wonder if they’re going to have duet performance… xD~

Next. I’ve Sound is going to perform the theme song for upcoming eroge by WHITESOFT, Nekonade Distortion. The song will be produced by I’ve Sound King, Kazuya Takase. The vocalist spot is still left unfilled for now, so we can try guessing who’s going to sing it. Old girls or New girls.

And then… Good news for I’ve Sound Queen, MELL. According to Getchu (and CDJapan as well), MELL is going to release her second album on 29/09/2010. CDJapan mentioned about Red fraction IO drive mix is included in the upcoming album. I will wait to see if it worth my savings… ==a

Last… more like an unconfirmed rumour, this is. According to the tweets by 13cm’s UYE and Visual Art’s Baba, I”ve Compilation vol.7 is possibly on work. If it’s really true… nearly 5 years after Collective… Hmm…



  1. o yes i’ve heard rumours of the compilation albums too. cant believe they will continue to release these afte such a long time of not having them

  2. wow that’s some news. And KOTOKO’s going to perform with Chiaki Ishikawa?! o_O’ now that’s something new.

    Hmm, with MELL’s upcoming second album, I’m excited but not super excited since recent I’ve works has yet to impress me.

    I’m very much excited what’s they’ve got for the I’ve Girls Compilation Vol.7 –> I hope it’s something Mami will perform. Since Eiko, Ayana, KOTOKO and MELL got their part on the titular track already, haven’t they? And it’s unfair if Mami or Kaori won’t be doing any. =_=

    • Oh so it was a rumour (the compilation album)? My mistake D;

      • Well, “news” about I’ve Girls Compilation 7 has already reached I’ve Sound Explorer. It’s sure to be confirmed :D

      • @j4 I’ve Sound Explorer is also a fansite, actually.

      • lolz, didn’t know about that. Actually, it doesn’t look like a fansite at all o_o

  3. CHEAPSKATES putting a remix of a song on the previous album on the new album

    BLEH!! D:<

  4. erm not 100% happy bout them chucking in a remix of a song from a previus album cos …it’s kinda lazy D= but it’ll be nice listen to.
    Can’t wait for the album though, does anyone know if any PV’s are planned ?

    • well usually I’ve Sound singer’s album’s DVD always include PV at least. so, why not this time ? :3

      • Yeah, but I wish Perfect World had gotten one!!!

        I wonder if MELL will use twitter now X’3

      • Yeah, but I wish Pefect World had gotten one!!!

        I wonder if MELL will use twitter now X’3

      • That’s what i was thinking. I found it slightly odd though as at least a few singles are realsed months before the album. This album is realised in excatly two months time (if i skip 1 hour, 10 mins forward). i may be looking too closly at the patterns of some other artists here, but it did make me wonder. Where are the singles ? D=

        i just would like a single to pass the time until i get an album =(

      • er…. Kara no Tsubomi…. RIDEBACK…….

      • …Kill?
        Slipped my mind.

      • Yes wikipedia says all 3 Will be on the album~

  5. […] the news about Nekonade Distortion few months ago? The one saying that Kazuya Takase will produce its theme […]

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