Posted by: 愛撫 | 08/06/10

New Compilation album confirmed, I’ve apparently Mike Judge fans

I’ve Girls Compilation volume 7 is confirmed, has its own twitter, and has a name: EXTRACT. Just like the 2009 Mike Judge-directed comedy that approximately nobody saw.

Details are scarce, but the presence of a twitter feed promises good things on the ‘quick updates’ front. It also has the I’ve creators joking about naming a song after a cigarette brand, though, so who knows how much of said ‘news’ is going to be accurate. Either way, the promise of a new album is an exciting development indeed!



  1. On the subject of twitter… Any news on MELL getting one ? what with her new album comming out.
    If she does she’ll prob get it closer to the time after all there is still well over a month until it’s realised.

  2. EXTRACT gives me rock★

    Wonder who’ll sing the titular…?
    and the possible Kaorinless-ness…I dont think a KOTOKOx詩月カオリ will satisfy me @S@
    With circumstances Im expect Eikoless-ness >E: I dont think its mandatory… and with MELL being proberbly the most *MYSTERIOUS* of LP5 huurrr….

  3. BTW Beavis & Butthead are back.

    • I dunno, Judge kinda fell off sometime after Idiocracy flopped. I have to admit, I am amongst the legions of those who never watched Extract, and The Goode Family was… ehh… well, to be honest I actually had to check online to see if it was still running or not because it just never really was all that interesting.

      The resurrection of Beavis & Butt-Head seems like quite a smart move on MTV’s part, though – give the overgrown man-children who grew up with MTV in the ’90s and have yet to move on with their lives something that they can actually relate to, while still playing the same music videos they beat into the ground on every other show of theirs.

      Cynicism aside, though, Mike Judge’s best work always had that element of subversion to it; even King of the Hill, his most ‘mainstream’ effort, is either an unironic celebration of small-town America or a “look at how stupid these rednecks are” freakshow depending entirely on how you look at it. I’m trying not to get my hopes up too much for the new show (remember how badly the resurrection of Ren & Stimpy turned out?), but I’d like to be somewhat ‘cautiously optimistic’ about the whole endeavour.

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