Posted by: 黒い雪 | 08/09/10

I’ve Girls Compilation vol.7 tracklist revealed

Because I have super lazy bums.

Simply lotsa KOTOKO, more Mami Kawada, some MELL, double Airi Kirishima, sole Kaori Utatsuki and no Eiko Shimamiya. Plus the legendary long-forgotten golden special unit Healing Leaf as well as the ex-member MOMO (who’s now working solo under the name Hitomi Momoi, not to be mistaken with Halko Momoi lol). The new song, presumably called EXTRACT, will be under Kazuya Takase‘s care.

LOL my guess about MELL’s Bizarrerie Cage, Mami’s dilemma, and KOTOKO’s jihad made it into the album was totally right. Kinda unsurprised to see both Airi’s songs included in the setlist while Kaorin only had one. Who’s going to sing the new song ?? I’m going to bet for Mami. How ’bout you ?? :3



  1. I’m also betting for a Mami title track. It needs to be sung by Mami. She’s long overdue for a compilation title track.

    But whoa, that tracklist is huge. 25 tracks makes it the longest compilation, Wikipedia tells me even verge only had 23. Seems like they really wanted to get all the eroge songs post-Collective on an album. But it’s nice to have dilemma, LAST IN BLUE, bumpy-Jumpy! and the others somewhere else than buried in the internet. :3

    (Btw, somehow, deep in my mind I thought: “I think they’ll put Cherish there even though MOMO already left years ago.” I never thought it would actually happen, but it did! Oh boy.)

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  3. Kaori titletrack ftw!!!

  4. I hope EXTRACT is sung by either KOTOKO, Mami or MELL too. It would seem fair to be Mami, but I have my doubts about her style fitting into a Compilation titletrack. In any case I hope it is as awesome as the other titletracks. Personally I love Collective, Outflow, Verge, Lament and Disintegration. Ha, almost all of them xD.

    • I also wonder what the cover will be like. The last ones have been quite nice.

  5. I’m betting Eiko-sensei for the title track, as she is the only one without any other tracks in the album :D

    It still sucks though that only 1 Kaorin song will be featured while both of Airi’s songs are included.

    Also, they should get off of MOMO already. Cherish should be replaced with Rollng Star >_>

    • That’s the assumption I’m going with; no Eiko = she’s singing EXTRACT.

      Yayer. Extract.

  6. So it’s gonna be a Mami or Eiko title track eh? I bet for Mami too since she’s been fairly doing enough more than Eiko and haven’t done. Eiko, for me, would be a second bet for the reason that she didn’t have any solo (though she’s present with “Slow Step” as “Healing Leaf”).

    • or thinking about it since Mami’s having her 9th single on 11/03, she’d probably give it away for Eiko to do the titular track, no?

  7. With all regards, I doubt Eiko is going to do the titular track. Unless she’s cured already, never forgot that she’s still suffering from her cancer :3

  8. I didn’t notice it until I made a playlist, but Bizarrerie Cage and Shiroi one after another is messed up.
    There’s no reason for me to complain, though. I never expected them to put Last in Blue on this.

  9. Hurrah! Undying Love made the cut :D I’m pleased to see MOMO as well.

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