Posted by: 愛撫 | 08/16/10

HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD gets MELL, song title unfortunately not all-caps

So you’re all watching HIGH SCHOOL OF THE DEAD, right? Zombies, guns, girls with obscenely large breasts hanging out all over the place, graphic violence, gore, all that good stuff? Of course you all are. Well, in that case, you’ll all be happy to know that your favourite anime in the whole wide world (or at least, favourite summer 2010 MADHOUSE series) will be getting the MELL treatment, either starting with or exclusively for its 7th episode.

…Or maybe its 7th episode has aired already. I don’t know, I personally swore off watching anything with zombies in it after the train wreck that was 28 Weeks Later – can’t expect me to keep track of every zombie thing to come out here.

Any old how, the new MELL song for the show is called “Infection”, clearly an appropriate and not at all disingenious thing to call a song for a zombie show. Composition and arrangement being handled by our good friend Maiko Iuchi, hopefully more in ‘Bizarrerie Cage’ mode than ‘Virgin’s high!’ mode here, and English translation for the MELL-penned lyrics is being provided by the oddly-named ‘seven-lon’. I guess Harry Yoshida was busy or something.

In additional news, part-time I’ve Sound Blog news anchor and full-time space cadet Yuki has had her existence officially justified acknowledged by Mami Kawada herself, who responded favourably to a tweet wherein Yuki sent a link to a cover of Mami’s “Kaze to Kimi o Daite”. This is, as they say on the parts of the internet that aren’t fed up with references to old Family Guy episodes, pretty frickin’ sweet.



  1. Aw fuck you, aibu.

    • Fuck you too, sweetie.

  2. Ah btw Infection is like a bastard child of Virgin’s high! and masterpiece.

  3. o hell yeah MELL ftw

  4. Yay go Yuki =DD
    i didn’t know you were a girl O_O im a girl too.
    yay for MELL, she seems to be very busy latly =)



  6. Mami and the I’ve staff twitter have been replying to a lot of their fans’ tweet mentions lately it’s kinda cool.

    The I’ve staff need to stop talking to themselves through that twitter account though, they’re only liek a few feet away from each other in the studio!

  7. gj yuki
    same here didnt know u were a girl ><

    and hooray for mroe mell news

  8. HOTD manga fan here!

    So, MELL will do the opening to chpt.7… interesting p(^-^)q

    • insert song. or to be exact when the main chara takumi or whatever his name save the little girl i dunno her name from zombies.

  9. @E and Koy: don’t worry. I do talk more like a boy than a girl lol.

    @kieyuku more like I’m totally embarassed *facepalm*

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