Posted by: 黒い雪 | 08/24/10

EXTRACT’s album cover?? Oh, it’s EXTRACT’s album cover!!

Okay I’m just copying Aibu’s craziness. *kicked*

So… this is the album cover of I’ve girls compilation vol.7 EXTRACT. I expect some of you has seen the much smaller version on I’ve official website… or probably not.

dunno if it can get uglier than this... ==;;

I’ve has never failed shocking me with their lame cover design…. *facepalm*



  1. My, someone doesn’t know how to divide words in syllables…. Aren’t japanese people supposed to excel at it?

    In any case, I think this cover is lame. Come on, even OUTFLOW and LAMENT, which had a similar design, given they had been wrapped up together, had a shared hi-tech + cool-looking design (it was black with green and had buttefly in the center, for those who don’t remember it) which was as I’ve-Girls-Compilation-ish as the rest of them.

    This? This is just the evidence that the designer was so lazy he didn’t even bother to notice that “EXT-RACT” is comepletely wrong and quite awful to say out loud. Unless you say “ekkusuto-rakuto” that is.

    Ah, we love japanese idiocy, don’t we?

    • It might be a nice shirt though.

    • I bet the designer doesn’t even know how to read it properly and just think it’s cool to have the “T”s cling on 7.

  2. It might have been a nice cover but they just HAD to go and throw in too meny details. Like that orange arrow, the grey stripe, letters having different colors, those random headphones…

  3. It looks like an MS Paint job………..
    The title track better make up for the abysmal cover

  4. Random headphones is random :|
    Take that away, and it’s gonna be much better to look at.
    And LOL at the grammar error at “Girl’s” XD This is now their 7th compilation and they still haven’t learned…….

  5. i wonder who the i’ve GIRL is…

    i don’t like it very much, not very creative. (V_V)

    • I’ve Girls are basically… I’ve Girls. *bricked*

      I mean, I’ve utahime.

  6. ^ Maybe they think it’s better to continue to be wrong so fans think it’s on-purpose stylizing. xD

  7. Yeah I agree, it’s certainly not the most creative side of I’ve showing for the EXTRACT cover art (when I first noticed it on I thought their system was suggesting me yet again one of their master groove releases I usually try to ignore). Also listening to the samples for both CDs (of course the new song is not featured yet…) it may sound harsh, but my initial impression was that I’ve waited way too long for another GIRLS COMPILATION. Not that I’m absolutely thrilled on this (yet – guess with “dilemma” on it, it’s a must-buy anyways) but some of the collected songs appeared so..old-school I’ve “nowadays” that I was admitted a bit shocked at first (I mean, several years ago it would have rocked me to no end – especially as follow-up to COLLECTIVE but with all the girls independent songs/releases inbetween *sounds weird, I know*).

    Also about the Larvals..apparently word is out that one of them (Asami Lin) is quite the beauty (actually model but her agency’s profile is removed now) who prior to her I’ve time also made it to the finals of last year’s Anime Song Grand Prix see this blog article:

    • I know about Asami Rin being a model prior to being recruited to I’ve… and you can see LSP girls’ looks on the forum.

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