Posted by: 黒い雪 | 08/30/10

EXTRACT titular track revealed

As everyone expected, isn’t this?

I’ve official website revealed that the new song from upcoming I’ve girls compilation, EXTRACT, is entitled EXTRACT ~The truth in me~. The one who’s put in charge to sing the titular track is no other than Mami Kawada, as most people here had suspected. Not only singing, Mami is also in charge for writing the lyrics. No sample available, as usual.

Title: EXTRACT ~The truth in me~
Vocal, Lyrics: Mami Kawada
Composition’/Arrangement: Kazuya Takase



  1. HAHA! Maybe that’s the exact reason why I’m excited for this compilation. ;p *bias of a Mami fanboy* Plus she deserve to do that since she haven’t done any — and it took her roughly 9 years for her to do an I’ve Girls Compilation titular track.

    And setting that aside, it’s kinda weird that Mami is writing the lyrics since Takase did the lyrics for the titular tracks of the first six compilations… [read: Takase in a lazy bum mode for songwriting] But it’s also the first time that I’ve girl would do the opportunity to write the lyrics of the titular track, right?

    • and thanks for the news. :D *goes off to update the Mami fanlisting/fansite*

    • I think Takase had only written for Out Flow and Collective out of the titular tracks :|

      • Oh sorry, I have to correct that. It was KOTOKO (for LAMENT) who first did that. And aside from Out Flow and Collective that you mentioned, Takase also did the lyrics for verge. Since Last regrets was a KEY eroge tie-up, the lyrics was done by Jun Maeda while Disintegration by someone named BEN.

  2. the truth in me?
    everything has suddenly got very high school musical…it made EXTRACT sound more happy-ish when just EXTRACT on its own sounds

    I hope its as good as Collective~

  3. And here I was thinking that Eiko would be singing the titular track >_>

    Well, at least it’s better than KOTOKO singing the title track for the third time :D

    • ^ you forgot Eiko-sensei was sick, no? Well, even though it was a decade ago since she did the titular track, the more popular Mami Kawada deserved it since she haven’t done it yet. ;p

      • as for Kaorin… well maybe on next girls compilation… maybe…

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