Posted by: 黒い雪 | 09/03/10

MELL 2nd Album Updates

This info is according to Geneon Universal Database of this album. No album cover, yet.

First, the album is entitled MIRAGE. Does this ring your bell? It’s the same title as the original track included in MGS2. Hopefully this album’s titular track isn’t a vocal version of THAT MIRAGE.

Second, sorry dude, release date is pushed back to October 27, 2010. Yet another postpone. What’s this, I’ve???



  1. Now that you mentioned it, yeah I just realized that there is a Mirage in MGC2. “orz [album is just not too memorable for me so I kinda forgot :P] And so much for a September release, it’s gonna be a week before Mami’s No buts! release. o_o

  2. anger!

  3. I KNEW THIS WOULD BE DELAYED I JUST KNEW IT sorry for caps lock, had to get that off my chest. But it’s about time they gave us some news! MIRAGE is a nice album title, it’s cool and… stuff. Almost anything is better than MELLSCOPE, I guess. Tracklist teaser doesn’t mention On my own, I’ll be sad if it won’t make it to the album, I’ve always liked it better than KILL. :c

  4. I guess they pushed back the release of MIRAGE so that it won’t somehow interfere with the sales of EXTRACT :|

  5. I just hope that in this time, her album will have more new songs instead of single/eroge/remix songs (but I would love it if they put Bizarrerie Cage on the tracklist, although, as it’s in EXTRACT, I don’t think so…)

  6. of course if the cover and booklet are as pretty as MELLSCOPE, I will be pleased.
    I would rather see KILL and 殻の蕾 on it rather than RIDEBACK- But obc the DTTF songs don’t seem to be making it to the studio albums.
    (but of course where would L’Oiseau Bleu have fitted onto LINKAGE)S’:

  7. Honestly didn’t expect it to be on schedule.. as I’ve History repeats itself. MELLSCOPE got delayed twice IIRC, SAVIA once delayed then LINKAGE received the same treatment.

    But hopefully this will be an Album worthy of MELL in contrast to its predecessor.
    Re: tracklist – guess we can bet on “Infection” and possible “Red fraction IO drive mix”, nee?

    • ‘Red Fraction IO drive mix’, ‘KILL’, and ‘Rideback’ are those that already certain. While no confirmation on ‘Infection’, it’s pretty much safe to assure that it’s gonna make it into the album.

    • I don’t even care for the remix.
      BTW can I just ask, is Infection being released as a maxi? It would seem appropriate.

      • we’ll just need to wait until the tracklist is released.

      • I don’t mean it that way, as if it will be a single x album.
        The anime is pretty mainstream kinda thing, anime that I’ve would usually maxi-i-fy.

        and, O GOD NO. not a re-cut single. please.

  8. delayed… ¬_¬
    I hate the fact that Red Fraction remix is getting so much attention. As if its the big one. No Forget about the rest of the songs, they aren’t as good, its red fraction remix, wow. they’ve had two years to write new songs. I feel really insecure =,(
    i shall stay positive & hope for a really good album tho.
    I like the title.
    & i hope they’ll have a nice cover, MELLSCOPE had a nice cover.

  9. Tracklist is up on the site~ I’ll let you guys make a post about it :3

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