Posted by: 黒い雪 | 09/28/10

KOTOKO is a ship captain now

…In her upcoming single, Loop-the-Loop, cover. This is revealed on KOTOKO’s official Geneon Universal website on the discography part.

KOTOKO the ship captain

雷鳴が鳴く頃 (Raimei ga naku koro) is now confirmed as the coupling track , too. In addition, as usual, the PV preview is up for your viewing pleasure on its usual place on the right top.

*humming* I’m KOTOKO the ship captain~ *peep peep* I’m KOTOKO the ship captain *peep peep* *is bricked*



  1. … Why do I feel like this should have been better paired with Epsilon no Fune? :p

    • Because it’s an ark of epsilon it needs ship captain ?? XDDD;;

      • didn’t her used words like “the boss”, what ealse she is? Enyway, since i am an naval engineer…..i will be her Cief Engineer. Damn it…she did sailor stuff…what ealse can make it better for me

  2. Hmm this is still a so-so release for me. But I find the cover and PV preview cute.

  3. great cover shes had in a while

  4. cute cover desho?

  5. I really like this Cover, KOTOKO looks really pretty on it, but sadly this Song is so boring…
    Hopefully her Music will be getting better soon, her last good Song was SCREW!

  6. I laughed at the cover when I first saw it XD

    I’ll place my hopes on Raimei so that it’s better than Loop-de-loop

  7. Interesting cover. Reminds me of One Piece!

    • Ouh Yeah!

      She’s looking after the One Piece, hope she meets Luffy hohoho!

      She should do an OP/ED for the series, bet it would be good.

  8. i like ^-^
    first cover ive seen in a while which hasnt made me think “Oh this looks kinda fimilar” so imma happy =D

    & yep yep my lappytop is finally fixed <3

  9. Reminds me of daily daily dream cover//colourscheme// but wow PWNS SCREWS cover!!

    PV is KAYUT

  10. Weird, I keep seeing BUCCANEER as ze main song for some reason xD

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