Posted by: 黒い雪 | 09/28/10

MELL 2nd Album full tracklist and cover images revealed

The long awaiting album tracklist now has been revealed.

MELL’s official Geneon Universal website has revealed MIRAGE’s full tracklist (both CD and DVD) as well as the covers and mirage PV preview (you have to bear the horribly small pictures for now, though).

(L: Regular Edition, R: Limited Edition. Click for Larger Image.)

CD tracklist:
01. mirage
02. KILL
03. Princess bloom
04. Fascination
06. 砂漠の雪 (Sabaku no Yuki)
07. Proof
08. Teleportation guy
09. Love illusion
10. Infection
13. Red fraction -IO drive mix-

*Bold ones are new materials.

DVD tracklist:
1. mirage PV

So… We got 3 songs from singles, 1 remixed, 1 ancient, and 8 new songs. Kinda bizarre to see Proof made it into the tracklist, for God sake. lol. Why?? As for the DVD, pretty sure that that activity report is a documentary of MELL in Anime Expo 2010. What else could it be??

A special MELL – MIRAGE twitter account has been created, too. Go follow her!!

(Sorry for your comments, the post got deleted by my stupid mistake ==;;)



  1. pretty sure mirage will be an intro like roots?

    • No it won’t because it will get an PV ( look above ), you can watch a preview of it on MELL’s official website

  2. MELL!!! Looks so pretty on cover, had a feeling it would be a blueish them with the black ^¬^
    LOL Proof. y o y.

  3. I really like the tracklist :D I was disappointed when Proof didn’t make it to MELLSCOPE so I’m really happy to see it in MIRAGE.

    And lol at seemingly random Sabaku no Yuki XD It should’ve been Noblest Love instead XD

    • Dont.Want.Noblest.Love.

      I prefer Sabaku no Yuki. One of C.G mix’s best composition.

      • Whoa … all this time I’ve been thinking Sabaku no Yuki was composed by Takase … /idiot.

  4. Do Want!

  5. I wonder when we’ll be able to see bigger cover images and, to hear a little preview of the songs, (although we allready know some tracks).
    I also think that the official geneon website must be redesigned too just like the sites of KOTOKO, Mami Kawada and Eiko Shimamiya.

    • I will edit the post and replace the cover images with the ones I got from amazon Japan when my internet is in better condition.

  6. Gosh, where is ‘On my own’?? :(

  7. i like the covers =3
    i still think the R.edition is fimilliar o__o
    cant wait for this album

    how many Pv’s are to be expected ?

    • On the DVD is only the mirage PV and a documentary.

      I ordered the Reg. Version now, and I’m very excited about the new Songs…but time goes by so slowly when you are waiting for something…

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