Posted by: 黒い雪 | 10/06/10

MIRAGE special website released

As all of us has suspected.

MELL’s MIRAGE special website is now revealed, following what has previously been done to Eiko Shimamiya’s Perfect World and Mami Kawada’s LINKAGE. Credits for each track on the album has also been revealed on outline page. Just for spoiler, 3 new songs are produced by MELL’s old buddy Ken Morioka. I don’t think I need to talk more about him. Move on to special contents, we will have MELL -MIRAGE- TV. Same as Mami’s LINKAGE TV, hmm. Episode 1 has been available for your viewing pleasure. There’s also page for live information (which I believe it’s not too important for us, being unable to go and watch it anyway *is bricked*).

Report done. *goes watching MIRAGE TV*



  1. *goes to look* ^^

  2. I’m excited for Ken Morioka, I had a terrible taste in my mouth after watching a video of him during a Kick’s performance, but I loved his remix of Scope.

  3. On MELL’s MIRAGE Page is now a second Video of MIRAGE TV with Previews to all Songs!

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