Posted by: 黒い雪 | 10/22/10

Outer one more time?

Remember the news about Nekonade Distortion few months ago? The one saying that Kazuya Takase will produce its theme song?

Behold, you fucking Outer fans. I’ve Sound Explorer has revealed that KOTOKO’s grungy alias, Outer, will be the one singing the theme song. Anyone miss Outer? I do. Leave me hell alone is my current theme song, HELL YEAH!! *is bricked*

Side dishes. Kaori Utatsuki and IKU will have a live event for themselves at Sapporo Factory Hall. IKU on November 22 and Kaorin on November 26. Glad to know they have something to do in awhile. Seriously.

Last, this is SRSBZNS. MELL is going to have “Commemorating MIRAGE release” Talkjam on October 22, 23:00 JST. The planned attendees will be MELL herself, Kazuya Takase, Tomoyuki Nakazawa and C.G mix. Link will be provided on date Here is the USTREAM Live Broadcast link.. Be sure to spare your time for this. I won’t be able to watch due to my fucking stupid internet connection, meh. *sulking*



  1. Damn shorty…you got some mad rage there….

    LOL at the”side dishes”..Iku and Kaori……yeah..i was thinking..what do they do as singers…do they sing for fun or they eat whatever money they get….thinking that KOTOKO had around 30 Lives in the last year only….i would say she is geting a fat pay…

    Can’t wait for the Outer song(proud fucking Outer fan), thank you Yuuki for the post.

    • actually IKU just attended Dengeki Geneon Music Fes along with Mami and KOTOKO last month. So… yeah. Only Kaorin who didn’t have anything worthed in awhile.

    • KOTOKO isnt that outta everyones is she, eh Maiku? :P

      • i don’t understand what you are saying….

      • Oh NVM。
        I enjoyed “do they sing for fun or they eat whatever money they get.”
        You made me chuckle. kekeke~

  2. i’ve only heard one Outer song in life *facepalm*
    & i can’t even remember which one… but it had a dark grungy PV & KOTOKO didn’t sound at all like herself.
    still this is fun news *-*

    • lol must be the infamous L.A.M ~Laze and Meditation~ since it had PV XD~

      • must have been thx ^^

  3. My favourite Outher song is Dirty boots, the version of Sonic youth, from the album Dirty gift. It’s simply ecstasiant.!!!

  4. Ooo!! I never knew there was another side to Kotoko and I just listened to it. Outer is cool as hell, Kotoko is also awesome. Nice!

  5. The MIRAGE Live Jam is now on the Mirage special website online because they weren’t able to stream it live today

  6. Mirage is awesome. :)

  7. MIRAGE is out, zzzz must buy/download and totally support singers I like.

    So I guess we’ll be expecting a review from Aibu, or is he still absent from here?

    • I’ve contacted him like a mad editor searching for her already-passed-deadline mangaka.

      • i havent seen Aibu about in a while.

        I’ve been too busy with kai’s birthday celebrations to remember the date of Mirage realise -__-,

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