Posted by: 黒い雪 | 10/28/10

Outer is officially KOTOKO’s rude side

Because as in the previous post stated, Outer will be performing the theme song for WHITESOFT‘s Nekonade Distortion. Title and credits are now fully revealed.

Title: Bullshit!! Hard problem!!
Lyrics: KOTOKO
Composition: Kazuya Takase
Arrangement: Kazuya Takase, Takeshi Ozaki
Performer: Outer

I don’t even know how to comment on the title, lol. IT’S BULLSHIT!! HARD PROBLEM!! 凸(◣_◢)凸 *is bricked*

Ah right, the release date of Nekonade Distortion is pushed back to February 25, 2011. Still a long long time to go…



  1. Whoa… judging by the title this song is gonna kick some ass.

  2. Incredible, The tittle of the song is just a declaration of intentions. Jejej. It sound very rude, so I imagine that it’s going to be really dark, (Even darker than the rest of the songs by Outer). I think that the tittle of the song makes me thing that the game is going to be a gore eroge.

  3. Well it seems like a normal, light eroge. So I’m expecting this to be more like ‘Get my way!’ or ‘Leave me hell alone’. Either way, both are my favorites lololol.

  4. “I don’t even know how to comment on the title, lol. IT’S BULLSHIT!! HARD PROBLEM!! 凸(◣_◢)凸 *is bricked*”

    ….i saw only that part in my mail and i was preparing to come here and kick some ass…..but hey! That’s really the freeking title! ” IT’S BULLSHIT!! HARD PROBLEM!! “!!!!

    0_0″…..*Packs back his AK 47*

  5. Massive lol at the title. Just … lolol xD
    There’s nothing to say about it.

  6. Outer better drop another F-bomb in this one.
    Looking forward to it.

  7. 8Q__ _ I wish to know this hard problem

  8. No Buts! is F**KIN’ BEAST

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