Posted by: 黒い雪 | 11/22/10

I’ve on upcoming C79

C79’s official website confirmed this news.

It’s still unclear regarding what they will release. It could be the second volume of The Front Line Covers, or maybe I’ve MANIA Track vol. III, or Short Circuit III Live DVD… OR might even be the uncertain I’ve best album. Whatever they will release, it better be good.

Side dishes. The recently most successful I’ve Diva Mami Kawada and our pseudo-I’ve IKU will perform on DK Anime ComplexFes 2011 along with their label-mate in Geneon Universal, such as the rising star Maon Kurosaki and ELISA, as well as others like blue drops (Hitomi Yoshida and Saori Hayami), Yoko Ishida, Mai Kadowaki, and Ayuru Oohashi. The event will be held on January 23, 2011, at Zepp Tokyo.

I’ve Sound Explorer has opened the vote for I’ve Best Song 2010. Now, what do you waiting for? Pick your favorite or the one you think it’s great!!



  1. I voted INITIATIVE for lulz … and the results end up being that its the most voted song >.>

  2. BUCCANEER vs. linkage vs. No buts ! ;__;

  3. After days of desperate pondering, I finally ended up clicking my vote to Mirai no Tsubu ~I’m formed~. I’m still having some regrets for not voting one of the seven others I was trying to pick from, but what’s done is done. Really (pleasantly) surprised to see INITIATIVE getting a lion’s share of the votes, I thought No buts! would be the winner this year, what with doing great on the charts and all that. And however did Raimei ga Naku Koro even get any votes…

    • I was so surprised to see Mami in the top 10 like WOOO

      • She deserves it. Well not really.. but oh well.

  4. I voted for dilemma, and honestly, I don’t like seeing pleasure season up above below INITIATIVE. INITIATIVE is fine being on top, it has the older I’ve feel and it’s pretty decent track, but pleasure season? it’s plain boring. =_=a

  5. Well, it’s I’ve MANIA Tracks vol.Ⅲ alright. And the Short Circuit III show DVD :P

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