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I’ve C79 Goods Comes in a Set…

of I’ve MANIA Tracks Vol.III and SHORT CIRCUIT III Premium Show in TOKYO 2010 Live DVD. I’ve in C79 page revealed this.

I’ve MANIA Tracks Vol.III tracklist will be:

  1. Isolation / Reina
  2. cross up / KOTOKO
  3. cross my heart / Eiko Shimamiya
  4. World meets world / SHIHO
  5. Cross talk -2006 ver.- / Reina
  6. satirize / Asame Miyazaki
  7. Koi no Magnet / MOMO
  8. eclipse -UETSU MIU style- / Mami Kawada
  9. loose / KOTOKO
  10. I pray to stop my cry / KOTOKO
  11. spillage / MOMO
  12. Kanashimi no Hana -MELL LIVE in TOKYO 2010 Mix- / MELL

I like this tracklist. They managed to include few songs from ex-I’ve vocalists like MOMO, SHIHO and even Reina… as well as a certain Asame Miyazaki lol.

And then tracklist for SHORT CIRCUIT III Premium Show in TOKYO 2010 Live DVD:

  1. ナイショ★Naiしょ / 詩月 カオリ
  2. Love is money?! / 詩月 カオリ
  3. ジェットスマッシュ! /詩月 カオリ
  4. Stars Biscuit /KOTOKO
  5. お*ま*ま*ご*と / KOTOKO
  6. あちちな夏の物語り /KOTOKO
  7. 白い輪舞曲 /詩月 カオリ
  8. 消えない想い /詩月 カオリ
  9. アナタだけのAngel☆ /詩月 カオリ
  10. Magical Sweetie / KOTOKO
  11. めぃぷるシロップ / KOTOKO
  12. ねぇ、…しようよっ! / KOTOKO
  13. さくらんぼキッス 〜爆発だも〜ん〜 /KOTOKO
  14. らずべりー /KOTOKO
  15. Lilies line / KOTOKO
  16. Rolling Star☆彡 / Larval Stage Planning
  17. blossomdays / KOTOKO
  18. Send-off 〜涙色のスタートライン〜 /Larval Stage Planning
  19. Crash Course 〜恋の特別レッスン〜 /KOTOKO to 詩月カオリ
  20. 恋愛CHU!-Remix- / KOTOKO to 詩月カオリ
  21. Double HarmoniZe Shock!! / KOTOKO to 詩月カオリ
  22. ☆星空 Interceptor☆ /KOTOKO to 詩月カオリ
  23. ↑青春ロケット↑ /KOTOKO to 詩月カオリ to Larval Stage Planning
  24. Short Circuit / KOTOKO to 詩月カオリ to Larval Stage Planning


Ah, almost forgot ’bout this one. Remember Nekonade Distortion? Which has Outer’s Bullshit!! Hard problem!! as its theme song? Prepare for your ears now. The short version has been available now, through a twitter account dedicated to the game. You can check it here. It’s kind of Get my way!-esque with, of course, ruder lyrics.



  1. Mix-niisan is also getting some love this Comiket – there’s a Spray Premium Hits! set that’s featuring Welcome to Heaven, under the darkness, True Eyes and respective remix versions as well. :D

    • Oh wow really? I didn’t know about that =_=;;

  2. I gotta ask, who is this “certain Asame Miyazaki”? I’ve heard the name before, but can’t recall who this person was.

    • nobody really knows for sure who she is, but many speculated that she is KOTOKO under different ALIAS.

      • The momment of truth! I was intrested for so much time to see if Kotoko had another hidden work as another alias….maybe some new style??(out of her meny). Personaly…I don’t think is KOTOKO but i was hoping for eny Aki song…..

      • well if you have ever listened to ‘satirize’ you’ll probably guess it’s KOTOKO lol.

      • i have been searcing for it…..and yes….it’s her!(but verry diffrent than what we usual know)…..tho’ a freak mind like mine first thought she may be her sister….who knows???…. On some YT comments, blogs and sites they say she sings just the choirs…..

  3. Ohh, that’s a nice bunch of tracks I’ve not heard before.

    Do want.

  4. Is it not possible to buy the DVD by itself?

    And would it kill them to list their booth number? Geeze.

    • No idea about that.

      Their booth is at VisualArts’ booth, isn’t it?? ‘_’a

  5. It seems that many I’ve and ex I’ve singers have got or have had a different alias:
    I think that these alias are actually the names of eroge characters.

    Outer and Asame Miyazaki are actually KOTOKO,
    Orihime was MELL,
    Asuka Katagiri was AKI,
    Usagi tachibana was MIKI,
    and Fuuran was Lia.

    • well Outer is obviously KOTOKO lol. who doesn’t know that? and Orihime is MELL, with MELL hersself had admitted on twitter lol.

  6. I don’t really see the point of the I’ve Mania Tracks album, since we’ve heard it all before. (Except for the KOTOKO/Asame song, didn’t know about the alleged “alias”.) Nevertheless it makes for a great collector’s item I suppose :D

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