Posted by: 黒い雪 | 12/16/10

More Index II OP for Mami Kawada

Yep, as the title stated. Confirmed by a news update on Mami’s Geneon universal official site.

Mami Kawada, as the Index-opening-song-representative, will perform the second opening song for TV anime To aru Majutsu no Index II, entitled See visionS. Not only this, but the single release date for See visionS has also been announced. It will be released on February 16, 2011 (which happens to be the same as Kalafina’s Magia that I’m torn between these two… *is bricked*). Can’t wait!!

Another news update on I’ve in C79, Mami Kawada, KOTOKO, and Airi Kirishima will attend I’ve handshake event on the third day (12/31). On the same day, C.G mix will hold an autograph session at Spray’s booth since his songs will be included in Spray’s goods, Spray Premium Hits!. Now I wonder who’s going to C.G mix’s autograph session… fujoshi or otaku? XD *is shot*

Oh, and before I forgot to post it, these are the covers for I’ve MANIA Tracks vol.III and Short Circuit III Live DVD, taken from VisualArt’s C79 page:




  1. Wow, another single from Mami already! I’m still digesting the fact that she released one a month ago. More Mami is never bad, I just hope the single will be musically better than No buts!…

    I really like the MANIA Tracks III cover, but the SHORT CIRCUIT DVD is a bit weird. I thought I was looking at a… wallpaper or something the first time I saw it. Whatever, it’s nice anyway.

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