Posted by: 愛撫 | 01/27/11

I’ve Sound Blog looking for new writer

In my absence, Yuki has done a commendable job keeping fans posted about the latest I’ve news, and I thank her for that. She’s been patient, forgiving, a joy to work with and the only part that I genuinely miss about writing for this blog. The thing is, though, no matter how lovely a person my co-writer might be, the main reason I started this blog (and kept it up for most of 3 years) is gone. I’ve fallen out of love with I’ve, and no new release seems ready to re-ignite that long-extinguished spark. It’s been a fun ride, but all good things have to come to an end.

While Yuki can definitely handle the news portion of this blog, she requested for me to open auditions for new writers who can handle the reviewing aspect of things for her. The two-writer dynamic has worked well for this blog (which is why I’ve done it with two different writers) in the past, and I hope the new writing lineup will continue the tradition.

If you are interested in becoming a new writer, you can contact Yuki by e-mail at, preferably with some writing samples (perhaps a review of an album I never got around to writing about?) included.

Thank you all for your support, and good luck to whoever takes my place as the blog’s new reviewer.

(Yuki’s edit note: I’ll put this post on sticky for a while. Lack of applicants here. Got some potential writers applying. Thanks! Please wait as I consider who to be the next-gen I’ve Sound Blog writer.)



  1. I’ll miss you, dude. T^T

  2. Aww were gonna miss you =3

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  4. I’ll definitely miss you, Aibu :) You’re one of the best writers I’ve ever seen. Although I definitely knew this was going to happen, I’ll still miss your one-of-a-kind style of writing (especially those reviews XD)

  5. I loved your reviews, so they will be missed. Take care!

  6. This is Kaon by the way; This is quite a surprise.

    Thank you for everything on the blogsite, Aibu-san, your reviews were awesome and bias-free; Many best wishes on your future endeavours.

  7. Hey dude. Dunno if this means you’re leaving forever, but just remember that you got me into this blogging thing. I’m very thankful!

  8. Sorry was too late to read this one. o_o After being busy with my own life and career, I was thinking of applying as part-time writer on this blog but I don’t know if I’m qualified. I’ve done some reviews but since I got too busy and my not-so-good PC got messed up for like 2 months, I wasn’t able to do any music review this year. x_x For those who haven’t seen my reviews, you may view them here if you like. I might get rusty not too mention. o__o

    • Fred, you’ve been a faithful reader since this blog’s beginning (well, just about), so if you wanted to be the blog’s new writer I’d be honoured to have you take that spot.

      • Well thanks for the recognition. :) I’ll be registering for a WordPress account so that I could join up as well. Thanks! ^_^

      • Do you need wp account?? Hikaruhoshi could do it with only LJ account iirc..

  9. It’s okay I already made one. Besides, I already forgot my LJ account. XDDD;; *glomps*

    • Yay congrats =) i’m sure you’ll be awesome

      • Thanks for the support. Though I’m sorry to say but my way of reviewing is way too different from Aibu’s. So as like Kanna said below, no snarking. And while I can’t expect everyone to like my reviews if ever I’m going to one or more in the future, I will do my best to do my part.

  10. Aww, no more snark from Aibu. :( Shame. It was a good run while it lasted.

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