Posted by: 黒い雪 | 02/10/11

Miss Fragrance of Moon Poem is back!!

I’m not really sure everyone still remember (from this post) that aside from having Outer filling the spot of opening theme for upcoming eroge by WHITESOFT, Nekonade Distortion, I’ve Sound is also performing the ending theme song. The performer, as well the credits for the song, has just been revealed on its official site. Guess who?? It’s our long-lost forgotten Kaori Utatsuki!! Forgive me for my lame translation joke on her name for the post title, but I really miss her… *is bricked*

Title: 永遠 ~小さな光~ (Eien ~Chiisana Hikari~)
Lyrics/Vocal: Kaori Utatsuki
Composition/Arrangement: Maiko Iuchi

Glad that she’s back. Not only performing, but also writing the lyrics on her own. Guess she’s now graduated from KOTOKO? Who knows… *shrugs*

Turns out they also have the short version available here. Listen for your own pleasure~ :3



  1. Or maybe KOTOKO is in charge of Larval Stage Planning now…

    I hope that this song is less of a ballad/slow pop and more upbeat – Kaori’s pseudo-folksy girl with a guitar thing is getting old. Regardless, it’s good to see she’s alive lol

    • Actually it’s exactly what you fear: a ballad+guitar thing lol.

  2. Looks like the re-imaging of Kaori (from SPYGLASS) is taking effect, even if it took almost 2 years. I like this style of Kaori more than her denpa style.

  3. I actually like the song though it’s so ballad-y but it kinda reminds me of [b]return to that place[/b] so I can consider. :D

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