Posted by: fierycrimson | 02/14/11

Mami Kawada is on Ninki Charts

Hello dear followers of this blog! First of all, I am Fred – I know most of you already know me. This is my first post here in the I’ve Sound Blog though I’m a frequent and loyal reader of this blog for the past few years. I would like to thank Aibu for entrusting me this job.

Now going back to the topic, I know this is not something to be posted here in the blog but I would just like to share this info to anyone. But first, what is the Oricon Ninki Charts? As defined by the“The NINKI ratings are the results of a poll conducted by Oricon indicating interest in an upcoming release. Although the ratings are never a true reflection of sales, it does give a strong prediction about where the single/album will place in terms of popularity amongst the Japanese public. having said so, they are NOT an indication of how it will perform in terms of chart positioning and total sales for the week.” Meaning it’s only a forecast — they can be true or false but it gives you a hint that the single will do good in its first-week stay in the Oricon dailies/weeklies chart.

And what about it? Yes, our dearest I’ve utahime Mami Kawada is on the Ninki Charts garnering the 6th position!

Awesome, isn't it?

I think this is the first time Kawada entered the Ninki charts.  As you know, her previous single No buts! (even all of her singles) did NOT enter the Ninki but surprisingly, it did well (and it’s still selling right now if I’m not mistaken) on the charts. It gives us a signal that See visionS may also do well on its charting but who knows? It may or may not surpass No buts! and it’s her birthday week as well so it’s a pretty good birthday gift for her. Not too certain if the other utahime have their single/album entered in the Ninki charts (probably KOTOKO). And surprisingly, See visionS garnered a higher spot than Magia. XD



  1. Unfortunately on the real chart today, Magia is above See visionS haha. See visionS debuted on #10. Not bad, honestly. Knowing there are so many mainstream artists releasing today.

    • Well Ninki was just a prediction. I just knew that Magia will be higher than See visionS since Kalafina was more mainstream. But not a really bad achievement nee? We’ll have to wait till next week for their triumph. :D

      • See visionS down to #12 today.

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