Posted by: 黒い雪 | 02/18/11

Moar moar Kaorin!!

I’m seriously happy with this news that I was sorta upset I couldn’t update this blog as soon as I heard ’bout this yesterday… “OTL

Still remember about I’ve Sound working on the background music for CandySoft’s eroge Tsuyokiss 3?? Now you have more, it will also have I’ve Sound’s vocalist to perform the opening theme. As you’ve probably guessed by seeing the title, it’s Kaori Utatsuki who (finally) got this opportunity (Not KOTOKO as I suspected earlier, hmm). I’m really glad she’s getting back to the scene with 2 tie-up at once… x3

Title: ★虹色ロックンロール♪ (Niji-iro Rock’n’Roll)
Lyrics/Vocal: Kaori Utatsuki
Composition: Tomoyuki Nakazawa
Arrangement: Tomoyuki Nakazawa/Takeshi Ozaki

The game is scheduled to be released on March 25. Just FYI, opening movie has been up here for your viewing pleasure. YAY KAORIN~~ *rolls on the floor happily*


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