Posted by: Kanna | 02/19/11

The New Reviewer

Hello all you lovely readers of the I’ve Sound Blog, my name is Kanna and Yuki has designated me as the full time reviewer for this blog. Hiii. :3

I know there are many loyal readers to Aibu’s style of reviewing but while our tastes run similar, our reviewing style is not the same. I previously wrote in the blog The New Eccentric Girl so you can find my my (slightly older) style of writing over there.

To get this position, I reviewed the Comiket compilation “The Front Line Covers” which I will be posting here at some point after some editing because I wrote that while hungover and I was impressed at how it turned out in the end.

But for you dear readers, I realise that there have been many releases both in I’ve Sound’s past and present that have yet to be reviewed… and haven’t been.

So I put it to you, what should I review next? Comment on this entry with what reviews you’d like to see on this blog and I will try my best to accomodate! (Though boss Yuki has overriding privilege to choose what gets done next, haha.)

Anything that I’ve has released is fair game (which you will find a listing for here at I’ve Sound Explorer’s Discography section). Check the Reviews category page on this blog to see what has been done in the past by Aibu, and as a general rule I will not do any reviews that he’s done.
I look forward to our further interactions. Kanna out!



  1. Boss Yuki… NAAAAHH I am not a boss ^^|l| aibu’s still the boss for me, though he’s not writing anymore XD

    Anyway welcome to the blog :P

    • You’re still my senior though! :p And thank you.

  2. Wow, didn’t expect that you’d be the new reviewer. But anyway, I’ve read some of your reviews on your old blog so I know what to expect :)

    How about reviewing the Short Circuit series after Front Line Covers?

  3. Hey Kanna!
    Finally a new reviewer for this blog!
    I would like to read a review of MELL’s MIRAGE Album.
    I think every Studio Album of our I’ve Girls should get a review here and MIRAGE would be a good start I guess.

  4. I’m glad to see you’re the new reviewer, you’ve got some great reviews at The New Eccentric Girl and I love reading them. As for wishes, I’d also love to see reviews of the I’ve Girls’ solo albums, perhaps starting from Hane. But whatever you decide to go with, I’ll be looking forward to reading!

  5. I’d like to see reviews of the newest releases too, like See VisionS and No Buts!

  6. Hi Kanna! I’d like to see a review of Eiko Shimamiya’s Perfect World album! :)

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