Posted by: 黒い雪 | 03/04/11

Outer in A-Fes?

Never in my dream I saw this happened. Nor have Outer ever filled in an anime theme song.

According to the official of A-fes, Outer is also going to take part on DAY 1 (March 26) along with some other big names from the anisong world, which I don’t feel like mentioning ‘cuz you can just head to the site and check it yourself. They have even set up Outer Official Website, too. In addition, they also collaborate with the apparel brand Caffeine to produce a T-shirt.

About Outer participating in A-fes, I can’t help but wondering why not KOTOKO on solo instead? Or Mami Kawada? Why Outer? It’s not like Outer has ever performed a theme song for anime (if my rusted memory reserved right), thus it’s weird to see them being invited to a anisong festival where all other artists are, of course, anisong singers.



  1. Nevermind that, the Gorillaz styled Outer band “photo” creeps me out slightly.

    • Ah crap, I forgot to comment about it on the post.

  2. Looks punk ~~ish guess have to hear it to get any doubts =o

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