Posted by: 黒い雪 | 03/12/11

Earthquake in Japan

Surely I have nothing to write about the earthquake since you can read it everywhere. I could only cry in silence when I found out about it first time from twitter and read all those reports. Thankfully, all I’ve Sound members in Sapporo, Hokkaido, are fine.

However, one thing is affected. Remember about I’VE x Lantis project which supposedly revealed on March 13 (today) at 14:00 JST? on its official page, they revealed that they’re postponing the announcement so we should wait until further notice on the official site of Lantis.

Pray for Japan.

According to its official website, the anisong festival a-fes, in which Outer would have performed, has also been cancelled due to same reason.



  1. Mostly of the major events would be postponed naturally because of the fortuitous event. I wonder when will things go back to normal…

  2. Im still pretty depressed because of it :”c

  3. Ya its so sad what happened i hope all my fav artist from down there are ok what was the death toll like 10k + so sad hope everything turns out good for them :(

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