Posted by: 黒い雪 | 03/31/11


Remember about this unconfirmed rumour post?

It’s now official, with DOG DAYS official website’s “staff/cast” page listed I’ve Sound as Sound Producer with Maiko Iuchi on music, along with a familiar name of 一色由比 (Yui Isshiki) and an unknown name, 夏目晋. DOG DAYS will start airing on TOKYO MX at April 2.

On other occassion, I’ve Sound will collaborate with Animate for a charity event dedicated for the Earthquake & Tsunami disaster occurred in Touhoku. There will be fund-raising as well as charity auction. Mami Kawada, Eiko Shimamiya, C.G mix, MELL, Kaori Utatsuki and Larval Stage Planning will attend the event. More info on the event, log on to I’ve Sound official website.

Now I wonder why KOTOKO isn’t attending the charity event?



  1. KOTOKO isn’t attending because of her rescheduled FC event. One of the two days is on April 16th, the same day as the charity event.

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