Posted by: Kanna | 03/31/11

Single Review: Rolling Star☆彡

A short review this time.

Larval Stage Planning – Rolling Star☆彡 (2010, Visual Arts)

1. Rolling Star☆彡
2. Rolling Star☆彡 (Instrumental ver.)

The theme song of eroge Kisaragi Gold Star is the debut release of I’ve’s newest addition to its roster – Larval Stage Planning. Weirdness of the group’s name aside, I’ve decided to try something here by debuting a group rather than a soloist or a special unit. With lyrics by KOTOKO and composition/arrangement courtesy of Maiko Iuchi, there were certain things expected So how well did they fare?

For those of you unaware, Larval Stage Planning consists of 桐島愛里 (Airi Kirishima), 舞崎なみ (Nami Maisaki) and 朝見琳 (Rin Asami). While Nami Maisaki and Rin Asami are new voices just for the group, Airi Kirishima is the latest addition to the I’ve diva roster. She had a strong debut with her track two HeaRt and the reason think so is because two HeaRt is pure I’ve goodness in that it characterised quite well what I loved about the circle. That is the only way I can describe it because it is very reminiscent of tracks such as I pray to stop by cry -little sea style- and Velocity of sound in which pop and uplifting trance are blended together to form that characteristic “I’ve Sound” that people know and love. (Or at least I do.) While the trance influences are particularly emphasised and you have Maiko Iuchi throwing in more guitars and a more poppier feel, two HeaRt is still a gem of a track with Airi Kirishima giving an excellent vocal performance for a first timer.

Spurred from this, I was genuinely looking forward to Rolling Star☆彡. I gave it a listen, and this is what I think.

It doesn’t work.

I don’t feel it works. Nami Maisaki and Rin Asami sound dishearteningly generic in their vocal delivery that Airi stands out a mile away with her vocal character. When all three of them sing together in the chorus, they don’t gel. The structure of the song is all over the place with cheery, happy, sung choruses against processed “talk” style vocals in the verses. (No, they’re not rapping but if they were, I’d probably find this song more enjoyable.) It doesn’t flow, rather it jumps from segment to segment.

The song then is just boring and you will tire of it after a few listens.  It’s not quite full on denpa, it’s dangerously close to anison idol pop in a bad way and it only has an echo of I’ve’s characteristic trance/pop sound.

It’s frustrating because I want Larval Stage Planning to show that they have character and have “something” there. I would have preferred this to be completely bizzarre in a Maiko Iuchi or even a C.G. mix kind of way rather than have this song which fulfills the Generic Eroge Opening 101 checklist.

Perhaps then the name Larval Stage Planning is fitting for these girls who haven’t quite shown any potential that they have just yet. They aren’t the first artist under I’ve to have a less than stellar debut and probably won’t be the last. The earlier I’ve debuts could be down to general teething problems and I would like to say that this is the case now. There are many hanging questions left with this song such as whether this song is I’ve playing safe and testing the waters etc. So I’m waiting for I’ve to pull out all the stops.

So do give Larval Stage Planning a listen and the time of day, but don’t expect anything completely mindblowing just yet. The girls haven’t matured to that stage yet but hopefully they will.



  1. As for me, I also did not enjoy the track that much. At one point, I was excited but after some few listens, I got fed up with the track. Admittedly, it was not all memorable of a song but I hope they’ll improve next time.

  2. Even if it’s just another eroge song, I definitely prefer this over Send-off. Their vocal style fits this kind of genre than a fluffy ballad. I hope for more improvement for their unit though.

  3. yes, two heart is awesome… indeed…

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