Posted by: fierycrimson | 04/14/11

Charity Auction details and also KOTOKO’s upcoming acoustic live tour

As previously stated by Yuki-chan, I’ve Sound will be collaborating with Animate to have some charity event of some sort for the victims of Earthquake and tsunami which happened last March. Aside from the live performances, they will also held an auction for it and they are giving away these items:

LOT #1: Eiko Shimamiya’s red dress from I’ve in Budokan 2005
LOT#2: Kaorin’s outfit from I’ve in Budokan 2009
LOT #3: Personal belongings from the group Larval Stage Planning (not in the image)
LOT #4: C.G mix’s outfit from I’ve in Budokan 2009
LOT #5: MELL’s costume in 2010 SHIBUYA AX
LOT #6: Mami Kawada’s black dress from I’ve in Budokan 2009
LOT #7: Tomoyuki Nakazawa’s synthesizer (I don’t know what unit/model)
LOT #8: A booklet that contains a piano arrange of “EXTRACT ~The truth in me~” contained in a USB memory and a Kazuya Takase photo picture frame
LOT #9: A T-shirt with the name “Outer” embedded on it for the members of A-FES? (not sure) Available on four colors.

Some items are not really that interesting like the photo picture frame. *kicked*

And on other news, our I’ve utahime KOTOKO, will also held her Acoustic Live tour just like Eiko-sensei on a later date. If Eiko will held her acoustic live on May 13, 2011 in Tokyo, KOTOKO will held her tour entitled KOTOKO アコースティック・ライブ・ツアー”心音”
~繋げよう!歌と笑顔と君の手と~ (KOTOKO Acoustic Live Tour “Shinon” ~Tsunageyou! Uta to Egao to Kimi no Te from June 4 to July 2, 2011:

* 06/04 (Sat) Harajuku – ASTRO HALL
* 06/05 (Sun) Harajuku – ASTRO HALL
* 06/14 (Tuesday) Nagoya – Electric Lady Land
* 06/15 (Wed) Kyoto – MUSE
* 06/16 (Thu) Osaka – umeda AKASO
* 06/23 (Thu) Fukuoka – DRUM Be-1
* 06/24 (Fri), Nagasaki – DRUM Be-7
* 06/25 (Sat) Oita – DRUM Be-0
* 07/02 (Sat), Sapporo – KRAPS HALL

The concert ticket for the Tokyo performances (Harajuku) costs ¥4,800 (with drinks) while the others costs ¥4,300 (also with drinks).

For more info, you can visit the ThreeNine website.


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