Posted by: 黒い雪 | 04/29/11

I’VE x Lantis project revealed

….to be the major debut of our Larval Stage Planning under Lantis. The official page of I’VE x Lantis has been updated with pics of the girls as well as their profiles, too. Check it here. It’s also revealed that the girls will sing the opening theme song of TV anime Baka to Test to Shokanjuu Ni! (the 2nd season of Baka to Test to Shokanjuu of course).  Short comment on their “new” looks: Rin looks okay, kinda looks like Kaorin imho. Airi looks…. like someone else not Airi. Nami looks… better, the best out of the three. The song, entitled 君+謎+私でJUMP!! (Kimi+Nazo+Watashi de JUMP!), will be produced by (REDACTED). Can’t wait for the song, I used to love the OP theme from 1st season (Perfect-area complete! by Natsuko Aso) so this one better be greater. D:

And then, according to I’ve official site, we will have another live event from I’ve entitled TRIBAL LINK which will be held on July 3 at Tokyo’s STUDIO COAST. On the performers line-up, there are I’ve Sound’s utahime (KOTOKO, Mami Kawada, Eiko Shimamiya, Kaori Utatsuki, LSP girls) excluding MELL (whose health isn’t in good condition since few months ago thus absent), the veteran Masami Okui, old-pal Hiromi Satou, Yui Sakakibara, Miyuki Hashimoto, Faylan and others.


Found the twitter accounts of LSP girls (which hasn’t been announced officially) on Lantis’ producer Shigure Saito’s twitter. There’s still no tweet on each account but that probably comes later. Here they are: Airi Kirishima, Nami Maisaki and Lin Asami on twitter.

Kanna EDIT:

If you haven’t noticed it but dear Kaorin has also got a Twitter as well. This just leaves KOTOKO out of the current utahime who haven’t joined the Twitter bandwagon yet.



  1. Oh that’s great!
    Finally something new for I’ve.
    But I’m wondering what for a type of Song their first Single is, I would expect something cute, but Takase is working on the Music/Arrangement this time, so I don’t know what to expect. When was the last time Takase arranged a cute Song?
    Oh and when you view the Twitter accounts of the LSP Girls you can see their Birthdates, so they are the first I’ve Girls to announce their Birthdate. ( Or did KOTOKO announce her Birthdate anywhere official? )…
    Didn’t really expect them to be that young ( Airi 21, Nami 20, Lin 20 )
    But I’m happy to see them getting their official debut, don’t know why under Lantis and not Geneon but I don’t care, hopefully they are getting a PV for it!

  2. “You+Puzzle+My Jump!!” sounds like a denpa song in the works.

  3. @didi: No one in I’ve Sound has ever mentioned their birth year before this. The LSP girls had actually revealed that they are heisei-born (born after 8 Jan 1989) during a certain I’ve Sound EXTRACT unofficial twitter event so I’m not so surprised seeing their birth year revealed on their twitter account, hahah. ^^;;

    @Kanna: My thought exactly, though Takase working on denpa… when was the last time he did that?

  4. re: the birth year thing

    Oh gosh, I am actually older than the majority of LSP and Airi’s about a month older than me. ;; Never realised how young they were!

    • …….what? You’re younger than me?! :O

      • Heisei 1. ;) No honestly though, I think the group is fresh and probably an injection of new talent that I’ve has been needing for a while. The teething problems I can live with since Airi’s a really good singer – I’m not too keen on Rin or Nami’s voices yet but KOTOKO wasn’t stellar during her early years so maybe there is something good to come from these girls.

        Plus Takase’s last denpa song? Lord knows.

    • I’m older than all of them! lol

      @Kanna & Yuki: You two are both Heisei kids?! Wow! Are there any other Showa people here besides me?

      • I’m Showa-kid, at least my old nickname (Yuki88) showed it, so I’m older than all LSP girls, too. :P

  5. Hmm, does Hoshizora Interceptor from Short Circuit III count as a Denpa Song?
    Than this would be the last cute Song Takase made.
    And if this is Takases Style of Denpa than I have hopes for LSP’s debut Single!

  6. The line-up of guest singers for the Tribal Link looks great. Can’t wait for that. I’m not surprised abut the Lantis announcement, but I’m still pretty cold to the whole LSP thing, so I can’t say I’m exactly thrilled. Hopefully they’ll surprise me.

  7. Wow a good news from I’ve. I’m thrilled to see what they have for LSP. Airi got prettier and also Nami. :D

    And about Takase’s last denpa song. I was wrong to think that “FLY TO THE TOP” was his last cute composition. :P *bumps*

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