Posted by: 黒い雪 | 05/06/11

The Return of MAKO

Yes, you didn’t see it wrong. It’s the return of our long-lost forgotten utahime, MAKO.

A recent update by I’ve Sound Explorer has revealed the tracklist as well as the performers. (Covers taken from Getchu)




  • Face of Fact Kaori Utatsuki
  • The Maze Kaori Utatsuki
  • Lupe Mami Kawada
  • Suna no Shiro -The Castle of Sand- Mami Kawada
  • Close to me… Eiko Shimamiya
  • SHIFT -Sedai no Mukou- Eiko Shimamiya
  • blossomdays Larval Stage Planning
  • Lilies line Larval Stage Planning
  • For our days MAKO
  • Double HarmoniZe Shock!! MAKO and Mami Kawada
  • Abyss Masami Okui
  • Automaton Masami Okui
  • jihad Yui Sakakibara
  • Anata Dake no Angel☆ Yui Sakakibara
  • Leaf ticket Hiromi Satou
  • Permit ~Yurushi no Tou~ Hiromi Satou
  • philosophy Miyuki Hashimoto
  • birthday eve Miyuki Hashimoto
  • Collective Faylan
  • Velocity of sound Faylan
  • Jet Smash! Halco Momoi
  • Princess Brave! Halco Momoi
  • Ever stay snow nao
  • Joushiki! Butler Kyoushinkyoku nao

As expected, the performers are the same as TRIBAL LINK event line-up, with addition Queen of Denpa Halco Momoi and ex-fripSide vocalist nao joining the already solid line-up. MAKO’s reappearance is certainly welcomed. She’s one of my favorite missing utahime and having her making an I’ve Sound comeback is definitely good news.



  1. Gosh, how I wished her comeback! <3

    Now I wonder if she is coming back just to this event or will she come back to I've Sound? o.o

  2. I don’t think I can appropriately describe my joy for this tracklist with words. Kaorin singing Face of Fact and The Maze! Mami singing Suna no Shiro! Eiko singing Close to me! KOTOKO singing FLY TO THE TOP and IMMORAL! For some reason I thought this would be just the “outsiders” covering I’ve songs, but this is way better than I expected.

    Also, MAKO’s return is awesome! Her songs were some of my favorites from the earlier Girls Compilations. But I have to say, having her and Mami Kawada cover Double HarmoniZe Shock!! is… an interesting choice.

    Anyhow, now I’m definitely looking forward to TRIBAL LINK much more. :3

  3. SO. MUCH. WIN.

  4. Half this CD looks good, half of it makes go what the hell but my overall impression (ESPECIALLY for the guest vocalists) is “sing properly or gtfo”

    Love the fact that MAKO’s back, now just waiting for AKI to magically reappear now.

  5. I got o_O on Kaori’s choices.

    MAKO and Mami on Double HarmoniZe……. well, we’ll see how this one goes, as I think both their voices are too… deep for this song.

    As for the guest vocalists, I can’t really say much, as I don’t listen to them. Hopefully they can sing their chosen songs properly :D

  6. @Kanna: If AKI suddenly reappears someday… ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

    @j4games: I can’t imagine Kaorin on Face of fact either but The Maze is at least okay, imho.

    Talking about the guest vocalists except Hiromi Sato and Miyuki Hashimoto:
    Okui Masami – All-round, strong and rock vocal. Abyss and Automaton? Can’t imagine Abyss, but Automaton might sound stronger than original
    Yui Sakakibara – Another all-round, capable of doing from cute to rock but vocal is kinda squeaky. She can pull both jihad and anata dake no angel decently, imho.
    Faylan – Rock, strong but softer and not as piercing as Okui Masami and Sakakibara Yui. Getting Collective and Velocity of sound is okay, I guess.
    Halco Momoi – All-round, she mostly does denpa but she has strong vocal which capable of pulling rock song…. though she does end up doing denpa songs anyway XD
    nao – Squeaky, squeaky, squeaky. I’m not sure she can pull a decent Ever stay snow but JoushikiButler is probably okay.

  7. I… I’m kinda speechless at the whole thing. Haha I’ve grown way too attached at some of the songs to really get used to the idea of someone else covering it, even if that someone else is the I’ve Sound utahime.

    MAKO *___*

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