Posted by: 黒い雪 | 05/18/11

The rising of KOTOKO

When was the last time we heard a KOTOKO news?

According to KOTOKO Geneon Universal Official Site, once again, KOTOKO is marking her spot in the line-up for the upcoming ANIMAX MUSIX FALL 2011, held in 23 November 2011 at Yokohama Arena, along with other popular names in anisong world such as angela, ELISA, Kalafina, Marina Kawano, Shuuhei Kita, Sayaka Sasaki, Minori Chihara, Shoko Nakagawa, HIMEKA, Faylan, May’n and many more. Last year, KOTOKO wasn’t there to perform ’till the end of the live and thus we didn’t get to see her collaborating or singing the final song Cutie Honey with other performers. I wish KOTOKO will remain until the end this year. Please.

On other occasion, a small update regarding the live event TRIBAL LINK, which will be held on July 3. The event will be divided into 2 sessions (DAY and NIGHT). The I’ve Sound girls will perform on both sessions but the guests will be divided. On DAY STAGE we will have Yui Sakakibara, Hiromi Sato, and Miyuki Hashimoto; On NIGHT STAGE we will have Masami Okui and Faylan. NIGHT STAGE seems to be more rocking ones.

As for the updates on Larval Stage Planning, Kimi+Nazo+Watashi de JUMP! single, which will be released on July 27, 2011, will have 2 versions (as usual): Regular Edition (CD only) and Limited Edition (CD+DVD). You can check the song here.



  1. I love KOTOKO, but most of Mami’s anime songs (and especially her recent ones) are 100 times better than KOTOKO’s. It’d be cool if KOTOKO performed Second Flight with one of the other artists, though.

    • I have been wondering, honestly, when Mami will actually make her way to big-scale anisong event, anisama or this. D:

      • Yeah, you’d THINK with Index and Shana’s level of popularity, she would’ve landed a big gig by now.

  2. I was listening to KOTOKOs old stuff and feeling sad at how bland she’s got lately since Epsilon (it sorta picked up on BUCCANEER but..)

    oh yes

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