Posted by: 黒い雪 | 05/20/11

Moar moar KOTOKO and MAKO

The news on these two utahime still won’t stop!

Do you remember the eroge by CandySoft, Motto Nee, which BGM will be produced by I’ve Sound (and Isshiki Yui)? We finally found out who’s filling the opening theme song spot. KOTOKO. As expected, isn’t it?

Title: *bloom*
Vocal & Lyrics: KOTOKO
Composition & Arrangement: Maiko Iuchi

You can listen to the song here.

As for MAKO news, it has been decided that the long-lost (and forgotten) mysterious utahime will finally make her appearance in the upcoming I’ve Sound’s live event, TRIBAL LINK, on the NIGHT STAGE. Now, this is kinda surprising, but with all current utahime aren’t mysterious figures anymore, MAKO making appearance is a must.



  1. *bloom* reminds me of Crystal moment, except that Maiko improved around it in every way possible.

    So excited to finally be able to see MAKO on a live performance. Hopefully this means she gets to be a permanent utahime :3

  2. Bloom in my opinion, sounds very similar to Platinium, and is a better song that Christal moment.

    The unexpected return of MAKO makes me think that she’s going to replace Eiko Shimamiya as a permanent utahime.

  3. I like bloom, it’s a nice Song but I really miss KOTOKO’s dark Rocktracks…

    And for MAKO, I really like her voice but I think she is only a short-time replacement for MELL and won’t be a permanent utahime, I think her Songs on TRIBAL LINK were planned to be sung by MELL

  4. This is a very good song from kotoko is this going to be a new single or what when does this shizz come out ???? dates would be nice theres nothing on her site saying this so plz if any one knows say so <3

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