Posted by: Kanna | 06/26/11

Did we mention I’ve are expanding their horizons? Yes we did.

I’ve Sound Explorer have put an interesting nugget of news up – for the DOG DAYS anime, the I’ve production team are contributing three songs.

Miracle Colors
Lyrics: Tsuzuki Maki
Composed By: Nakazawa Tomoyuki
Arranged By: Nakazawa Tomoyuki-Ozaki Takeshi
Singer: Horie Yui

Kitto Koi wo Shiteiru
Lyrics: Tsuzuki Maki
Composed By: Takase Kazuya
Arranged By: Takase Kazuya
Singer: Horie Yui

Promised Love ~Daisuki x 100~
Lyrics: Tsuzuki Maki
Composed By: C.G Mix
Arranged By: C.G Mix
Singer: Horie Yui

Well there you go, make of that what you will that instead of any of the current utahime – Horie Yui is singing these. Any bets that the C.G Mix is a euro-denpa song?

EDIT: Reader nattokinase has informed me that Lantis isn’t actually involved with the production though some of Yui Horie’s work has been released through Lantis or one of their sublabels. And go annoy KuroiYuki about putting more news stuff up, I’m just here to review stuff.



  1. So it looks like the partnership extends beyond LSP. That’s not too bad, right?

  2. I didn’t watch Dog Days, but I wonder, why Hocchan and not Nana….?
    Anyway, the anime has ended by now and you can find anime rips on the tube. :p not sure if you could call it euro denpa. it sounds like the usual Mix-nii with Hocchan’s cutesy vocals.

    Lantis isn’t involved in the production. It’s either King Records (released the OP+ED) or Aniplex (releasing the DVDs/BDs). Note that the soundtracks are being bundled with the videos, and chances are so will the songs.

    • Is Lantis not involved? I thought they were for this or maybe it’s because I’ve seen Yui Horie’s stuff on Lantis/Mellow Head. Editing that now.

  3. Hmm strange to see that they are working so much with Yui Horie lately…
    Btw. am I the only one that is informed about the TOROBA! Eroge that I’ve Sound made the OP Music for? It’s actually revealed that the OP for it is Rin’s/Lin’s solo debut Song. The Lyrics are from Mami and the Music/arrangement is from Maiko. You can download and hear the Song from the official website. .
    The Songs name is “lead to the smile” and for me it sounds really like Mamis ” a frame”. But at least it’s not a cute denpa Song.

    • I thought we had mentioned this already and didn’t think to post it on here. Or maybe I read it in the forums or something. In any instance, it’s Yuki’s job to be on top of the news – I’m just the reviewer :p

      • Ah okay, I didn’t see that it was already mentioned in the forum *haha*
        I was just wondering why those Yui Horie news are here in the blog and not the News about Rin, the actual utahime.

      • Yuki seems to be in AKB48 mode, judging by her tweets.

      • “And go annoy KuroiYuki about putting more news stuff up, I’m just here to review stuff.”

        errr sorry, it’s just as j4games said.

        *is massively bricked*

      • *bricks Yuki further*

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